These Texts Will Make His Night Sweeter Instantly!

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There are so many things one does when in love. From sending over little gifts to surprise visits, we do a lot of stuff to keep them happy. It is great if you peeps are together and living-in but if you are far away from each other, then here are a few good night texts that you can send him to make his nights sweeter. Good night text for him in the long-distance is the best idea and these texts will make him smile. We have some ideas for you.

These Good Night Texts Will Make Him Smile

Being at a distance is hard for love. You keep missing the one you love. Especially when you close your eye at night. So saying good night to him over text is a good idea as the love and warmth would linger as he goes to sleep.  Here are some great ways of texting good night to him.

1.  Good Night, Love

Probably, you guys have some or the other nick-name for each other and call each other with that specific name only. Sending him a good night text with those cute adorations such as Love, Munchkin and Hon will surely make him surprised and happy. It’s a great way to end the night with a good night text.

2. Wish to have your chest as my pillow

If you guys were together, at the end of a hectic day, you would love to sleep on his chest. Let him know that after a hard day, the best thing in his life is to want you cuddling up to his chest. He would just love this good night text and have happy dreams.

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3. Good night, a man of my dreams

This will not only boost his confidence as you let him know that he is your dream-man but also will assure him that he is the one you are thinking about. This is a wonderful good night text to send to your man.

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4. You are the best thing that happened to me

Good night. When you want to make him feel good then why not tell him that he is the best thing that happened to you. This text will definitely boost his spirit and warm his heart. This is a text that would make him smile.

5. If I were beside you, I would admire your face

It is a beautiful feeling when you see the love of your life sleeping peacefully. Telling him this will make him feel pampered and cared for. It’s a very intimate text to send him at night.

6. I don’t know how or what would I do without you

Let him know that he is an important part of your life. Also, thank him for being through all the ups and downs without complaining. This good night text would make him smile and he would reciprocate with something equally mushy.

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7. Thank you for making my day special


If you guys were together for a special day like birthday and anniversary, then drop him a message telling him how you felt after the entire day.

8. After a long day, all I want to do is come home to you

Busy life, meetings and traffic is a part of our day to day life. But at the end of the day, you want to come home. Let him know that your home is him. At the end of a frantic day, he is the one you find peace with. Good night text over a long distance is the best idea.


These are just examples of a few messages that you can send him. Get more creative and send texts that will make him feel better when he finally finds the pillow and unwinds. Let us know which one of these helped you!

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