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Sexy nicknames to give him for more intimacy

Between ‘bae’ and ‘squiggly poo darling’, lies a valley of sexy nicknames that will make him go wild.
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A sexy nickname for your partner

Every couple eventually comes up with ‘bae’ synonyms to address their partner. Be it something as mushy as ‘sugarlips’ or ‘dollface’ or as monstrous as ‘my jigglypuff’, there will always be a certain nickname you can come up with. Now, there is a gap between what you call him when you are out with other civilized people and what you tantalizingly whisper in his ears to send a shudder of goose bumps. And usually the name that electrifies your man in private might make him go red in the face when you call it out in public, let’s say in front of his friends.

Nicknames differ from couple to couple. What you decide to call your man in the bedroom to jump-start his engines is totally your call. But calling him “Si, Senor” works much better than ‘snookums’ (who, why and how did anyone ever come up with this term, I will never know). Likewise, ‘Sweetie’ is acceptable anywhere and does not trigger raised eyebrows from anyone who hears it because it is very common. For more intimacy, a name should be somewhere between the following:

1. Drill Sergeant

“Come here, Drill Sergeant. Show me why you are named this”. Get the drift?

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2. Honey Dude

‘Dude’ because he is a man. A manly man and he likes being a manly man. But you have also seen the plush, more mellow side of his and hence the ‘honey’. Slightly on the lovey-dovey side but who says all nicknames have to be sexual?

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3. Hot Stuff

Very generic name. The name is gender-fluid in itself. Even a woman can be addressed as ‘Hot stuff’.

4. Senor

This adds a Spanish spark to the nickname. Also, incredibly sexy when your man is addressed as ‘Mister’ in a foreign tongue.

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5. The Hulk

The unstoppable force is the big green Marvel hero. If your man is a superhero fan, he will be more than thrilled to let you call him that. Better yet, if you name his ding-dong as Hulk. That way, you let him know, he is unstoppable.

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6. Mr. Big

I have seen men drool after being called ‘Mister’. And big? Well, which man would deny himself the pleasure of being called ‘big’?

7. Beast/Hot Buns

Basically, if your man is too hot for you to handle, choose anyone and throw it at him. He will melt.

8. Sugar Daddy

Estimates say men do like it when being called ‘Daddy’, something we have borrowed from porn movies. Also, applicable if he always does what you want, in and out of bed.

9. Tiger

Not appropriate in a public place, but works great when used in the bedroom. If you whisper it, while sitting next to him at dinner with his family – “Can you ass the sauce, Tiger”, he is sure to repay the kindness tenfold, under the sheets.

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10. Darling

Going a little classic with this one. Remove the ‘g’ and add a Southern twist to it with Darlin’.
Of course, if these names are a bit too much, you can always come up with names of your own. Switch it up, add a baby noise to it and see how it sounds in your mouth and head when you call him that. Also, don’t forget to add a sexy voice, a raspy breath or a breathless murmur to it and watch the magic unfold.

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