20 beautiful summer date ideas for married couples

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The summers in the countries that are in the temperate zone are completely different to the summers in India. When Americans or Britishers speak of summer, they mean pleasant sunny outdoors, free from rain and snow. However, since India has a tropical climate, the summer in most places is quite harsh. Phalodi in Rajasthan recorded 51°C on May 19, 2016, the highest temperature recording ever on Indian Territory.

That’s like half the boiling point. The point here is that in such sweltering heat, the romance of a couple gets ice cold. To make matters worse, summer is the time when kids have their longest holidays of the year. This is usually the best time for all family gatherings. All these anti romance pointers suggest you have to plan your dates well so that your love life sizzles in the summer as well.

Why are summer dates important?

Just as your car needs regular maintenance to run smoothly, your relationship too needs a reboot from time to time. It is important to keep love and romance alive for a happy marriage. And because summers are the time when families gather together, it makes a lot of sense to plan a few summer dates and relive the old memories. However, you need to plan quite a bit now that you are married and do not get time to date often.

So finally you have made up your mind to not let the hot and sultry weather sweat your romance. Instead, you want to rekindle that lost passion and are in the mood for creating some beautiful memories together, no matter what the weather. While you are at it, you need to consider certain points since now you have a family to take care of. Be mindful of-

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20 beautiful summer date ideas for married couples

According to Friedrich Max Müller, “A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, and man cannot live without love.” So, a cool summer date is just what you need to thaw your frozen romance. Summer boosts your creativity and mood. http://www.ur.umich.edu/0405/Oct25_04/31.shtml It’s time to get creative and create everlasting couple memories.

1. Stargazing date

You don’t have to be an astronomical genius to enjoy stargazing, but hunting for constellations can be romantically adventurous as you can disconnect with the digital world and reconnect with each other. Use a free printable night sky map easily available on many websites online. Moonless nights are best for spotting meteors and enjoying the magnificence of the Milky Way.

2. Romantic play-a-game date

Instead of strip poker, you can choose any indoor game and make it interesting by adding a strip forfeit to it. For instance, while playing scrabble if you fail to make a word that has more than 4 letters you take off one piece of clothing.

3. Camping date

Summers are best for camping, as you need not worry about freezing or getting drenched. So pick up your camping kit and show some country love to each other. Staring into your partner’s eyes with the campfire light gleaming on your faces can rekindle your relationship.

4. Fishing date

One of the easiest ways a wife can get her husband’s undivided attention is by taking him fishing. When he is calmly waiting for a fish to catch his bait, you can pour your heart out. So even if you are fishing amateurs, you can still head to the closest water body.

5. Live show date

Let your hair loose and feel youthful energy with the high you get from attending a live concert of your favourite star. From cheering up to keeping up with the crowd, let your partner know your wild side.

6. Swimming date

What better time to go swimming than the summer? Show off your sizzling hot chemistry at a pool or a beach. Complement it with a glass of your favourite drink and enjoy watching your partner in swimwear.

7. Shopping date

You can transform your regular shopping to a thrilling shopping date where you pick up stuff for your partner, something that you fantasised him or her wearing. Make the exchanges and then have a ramp walk at home for your partner.

8. Nostalgic date

Visit your favourite dating ‘adda’ from before you got married. In case yours is an arranged marriage, try and visit the place you first met. This will make you nostalgic about all the things that you love about your partner, your first kiss, your first ‘I Love You’ and so on.

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9. Movie date

You can add a twist to your clichéd movie date by going for a regional film in a language that you don’t understand and interpret it in your own fun way and try to make your partner understand the plot.

10. Tourist date

Either go sightseeing to a new place or act like a tourist in your own city. You can pretend to be a honeymoon couple for extra romance. You can satirise the whole scene and have fun.

11. Bathtub date

A Jacuzzi or any simple bathtub with soothing bath salts and flower petals, scented candles burning, strawberries and chocolates and soft romantic music playing and voila!!! Your beautiful yet simple romantic summer date is set.

12. Adventure sports date

Nothing beats the adrenalin rush that you feel during any adventure sports or activity. From paragliding to jet skiing, go karting to bungee jumping, seeing your partner’s excitement or nervousness prior to any of these activities is priceless.

13. Formal date

Dress up formally in your best suits and gowns and go out for a fine dining formal date. This can be a very special experience, because usually after marriage such formal dinners are usually work or family related where you hardly get a chance to focus on each other.

14. Double date

Going out on a date with another couple can be a lot of fun, as you can team up with them in pulling your partner’s leg. Sometimes just by watching another couple you examine what you as a couple lack or have in excess.

15. Picnic date

The freshness of natural cool air in the woods is unbeatable on a hot sunny day. Reconnect with nature and your partner by having a picnic for just the two of you in the lap of thick green vegetation.

16. Dancing date

Get funky, groovy and let all your inhibitions fade away when you show off your dance moves as a couple or solo. Try to pick up an unfamiliar disco so that you can be sure no one is judging you, which again matters only if you care. Whispering sweet nothings through the loud music can be a load of fun.

17. Amusement park date

You will miss your kids when you go to an amusement park without them. But that’s the whole dating idea. Get on one of the scariest rides with your partner and enjoy the thrilling experience and laugh about who was scaredy-cat later.

18. Khao Galli date

Now that you are already a married couple you need not worry about the embarrassing messy eating moments. Take a stroll down the famous food street in your town and scandalise your taste buds. Try each other’s favourite street food.

19. Commute date

Re-live your college or first work commuting days by travelling in a public bus or a train along with the staple diet of those days. This journey will bring out some secrets about our partner that we missed before.

20. Old-age home date

This one can be a little emotional, but worth a try. Meeting some old abandoned couples can give you relationship goals and a wider understanding about what actually matters in life.

Beat the summer heat with your better half by making it memorable. Break your own cool date quotient every year. Don’t allow the warmth of your love for each other cool any time of the year.

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