11 Tips For Dating A Taller Woman

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Dating a taller woman

Dating a taller woman is still a conversation in this era! Men still let a difference of a few inches blow out of proportion and allow it to soil the chance of a good date. Take my advice, box up your insecurities and pull up your confidence – because tall or short, size doesn’t matter. Dating a taller woman should be as normal as dating any other person.

If you need more confidence as you consider dating a taller woman, let us pull some examples from Hollywood. Action star Jason Statham is head over heels in love with his model-girlfriend Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Oscar-winning actor Nicole Kidman’s husband Keith Urban is a couple of inches shorter than her. But have you seen their red carpet photos? Nothing short of rocking.

The difference between heights was also brought up during a press conference of Spider-Man: No Way Home as it stars the real-life couple, Tom Holland and Zendaya, and they have a noticeable height difference. They swiftly addressed the ‘issue’, saying that Zendaya being taller than Tom was not a problem at all. These are just negative stereotypes surrounding tall women and short men.

11 Tips For Dating A Taller Woman

However, if you are still a little self-conscious, we’ve got you covered. There are a lot of benefits of dating a taller woman. We could give you some fool-proof  tips so that you shed your insecurities and dive into the dating pool. Read on to know how you should go about dating a taller girl.

1. Discard stereotypes 

If you swipe left on someone’s profile because they are taller than you, then it is truly time to rethink your conditioning. Don’t be so insecure at the thought of dating a taller woman. The stereotype of “a girl taller than the boyfriend is wrong” should be on the top of the list of ‘things to unlearn’, and must be discarded. If a woman’s height is an issue, it reflects on the society that has taught us to believe that men are supposed to dominate women, even when it comes to height.

Forget about such societal ramblings and give dating a taller woman a go. You will find common interests with her, as one does when they date someone interesting. It is imperative for you to understand that her height has got nothing to do with her personality. If you have apprehensions, bear in mind that many men are in relationships where the woman is taller than them. If she rejects you for your height, it is her loss.

Let’s take the example of Game of Thrones star, Sophie Turner, and singer and heartthrob, Joe Jonas. Have you seen how tall and elegant Sophie is? Joe is always comfortable in her company. She also wears heels. The couple is so in love that they got married in Vegas, and now are expecting their second child together.

2. Being confident is among the top tips for dating a taller woman

Confidence is an all-weather dating tip, even when you are thinking of dating a taller woman. This accessory has no alternative. Show her that you are actually happy with yourself and that you have no insecurities because she is taller than you. If you embrace the fact that you are shorter than her, you will feel more confident and she will pick up on this.

By owning your masculinity, you are not concerned about fulfilling gender identity roles in society. You don’t have to bother being a prince charming to the damsel-in-distress. If you have no issues being short in a relationship, it also shows that you do not follow gender stereotypes. This confidence can come across as very appealing while dating a taller woman. She will see it as a sign that you also welcome the thought of her earning more than you, or in general, if she does anything better than her partner.

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3. Don’t keep mentioning her height while on dates 

One of the solid tips for dating a taller woman is that you shouldn’t joke about the height difference on your first date. This would kill her mood and is not good dating etiquette. What’s more, you may come across as an insecure buffoon whose mind is clouded with only one thought – Oh my god, she’s tall! Also, she has heard all the jokes about her height before, she doesn’t need her date to try and make her laugh at her height’s expense.

While on a date with a taller woman, you should treat her like any other woman. You would not have made such jokes if you had gone out with a woman of the same height as yours or shorter. 

relationships where the woman is taller
You should treat her like any other woman

4. Dating a taller woman? Be prepared for jokes

Your friends may joke about you dating a taller woman because they’re not over their own insecurities yet, and because of the patriarchal values they still hold dear. Ensure that they are not crossing the line or say something offensive. If they are good friends, they will take your feedback in the right spirit and stop messing with you. After all, they need to understand that relationships where the woman is taller than a man are as normal as any other.

The joking, however, may not be restricted to your friends. You may also attract negative comments and stares while walking hand-in-hand in public or while indulging in a little PDA. The best way to diffuse these situations is to avoid confrontations. The last thing you want to do is get into an argument. Just keep in mind that all these jeerers do not know the benefits of dating a taller woman (wink!). You will be able to fully enjoy your bond once you overcome your insecurities while dating a taller woman.

5. Tips for dating a taller woman: Focus on your other qualities

I can assure you that there is more to you than how tall or short you are. You have every bit of zeal and individuality to overcome the short distance between your heights. Ensure that you highlight these qualities while dating a taller woman.

On a date, talk about everything and anything but the difference between your heights. Talk about your family, hobbies, and what you look out for in a relationship – this is more important than your physical appearances. Be present during the time you spend together. If you do that, she will certainly fall for you.

One of the great benefits of dating a taller woman is that it gives your personality and confidence a chance to be highlighted. You may even discover some new things about yourself and the ability to be kind once you have overcome the insecurity. Also, kindness begins at home – so don’t be hard on yourself if you are short.

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6. Don’t try tricks to look tall while dating a taller woman

The worst thing that you could do while dating a taller woman is try several tricks to look taller. And don’t even think of exaggerating your height on social media apps. When she meets you, she will discover your true height. It is a first date mistake that you should avoid as your first impression will be that of a liar and there are chances that your date is cut short.

Also, if you think you can get away with it by wearing lifts in your shoes or trying to position yourself so you appear taller, she will notice. Women are not dumb. Google to find out how common it is for movie-makers to make their male leads wear heels so that they appear taller than the female leads. It shows that what you consume through the media is fake and must not be relied on to form your behavior and attitudes.

You don’t need to play tricks. What is the point of doing this when you have decided to date a taller woman? If you are not happy with your own height, ask yourself why you would want to date a woman who’s taller. So, leave the chunky shoes behind and embrace your height. Be happy and proud of who you are. A couple of inches should not hurt your ego or become the distance in your potential relationship.

7. Appreciate her height to make her feel comfortable

When I say appreciate the tallness, I don’t mean refer to it constantly. That could be irritating and come across as fake. Be aware of how she acts around you, and make sure she feels comfortable. It is possible that when the girl is taller than boyfriend, she has perhaps not dated anybody shorter. 

So, make her feel relieved by ensuring that the height difference is not a problem for you. She’s used to men feeling insecure around her, don’t let her do the labor of making you feel better about yourself. Instead you can think of little things that can make her happy. Also, complimenting her height can make her feel empowered. Tall women, like short men, can sometimes be insecure about the way they look. The sooner you make it clear that height is a non-issue, the sooner things will feel normal between the both of you. 

To appreciate her height, encourage her to wear heels (if she’s into that) and tell her that it elevates her presence. You could also compliment how her legs look in a pair of jeans. Perhaps complimenting her is one of the key tips to dating a taller woman. Don’t you think?

dating a taller woman

8. Don’t fetishize tall girls 

There is nothing wrong with being attracted to a taller woman, but do not turn it into a fetish. A taller woman is sometimes associated with being a dominatrix or it is sometimes assumed that they are into bondage. It is imperative for men to not bring this factor into relationships where the woman is taller. Don’t pressure her into these roles, unless of course she suggests it herself.

Moreover, dating a taller woman just to fulfil your sexual fantasies is disgusting. You should date a taller woman because you want to be with her and love her for the kind of person she is.  

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9. Tips for dating a taller woman: own your masculine energy

Wondering why you should date a taller woman? Has it been feeling strange? Well, it gives you a chance to own your masculine energy – be that sigma male. A confident man knows what he wants, and is assured about who he is. He will not allow people’s opinions to distract him from his goals. 

The masculine energy is also all about consideration, respect, and assertiveness. So step into your masculine energy and let it guide you to a fabulous date. For men who are in relationships where the woman is taller, this masculine energy should be constant. It will help you forget the inches between the both of you and draw you closer.

10. Be chivalrous like you would be on any other date

Don’t act casual while attempting to date a taller woman. Refrain from saying things like “we should hang out” when you have been thinking of taking her out. While on the date, be chivalrous – know how to treat a woman. It will make her feel special and cared for. Open the door for her and offer your jacket if she feels cold. This basic chivalry does not have to die just because the girl is taller than you.

If you know how to fix things, and she needs someone to look into minor repairs at her place, step up and offer your services. Your height doesn’t take away your skills. However, do not take over her life through these acts of services to the extent that she feels controlled. In any relationship, independence is as valuable as commitment – write this down among solid tips for dating a taller woman.

11. Find role models to follow when dating a taller woman

There is an abundance of movies where the male lead is shorter than the woman – we just don’t get to know about it due to camera tricks, actor’s positioning, and heels.There is also no dearth of celebrities in successful relationships where the woman is taller. The notion of the girl being taller than boyfriend barely bothers them. 

Tom Cruise is a good example in this scenario. He has always dated actresses – be it the beautiful Katie Holmes or the very tall and elegant Nicole Kidman – who are taller than him. You could copy his body language when he’s around women who are taller – learn the confidence and the way he carries himself with poise. You can often convey love through body language.

All said, men must be honest about their height. It is not a shortcoming or a comment on your masculinity. Also, you can’t remain frustrated over what you can’t change. Thus, the only option is to embrace it – embrace it with enthusiasm that is infectious. I am sure taller women will fall for your charm. 


1. Is it ok for a guy to date a taller girl

It is more than okay for a guy to date a girl who is taller than him. If you can keep your physical differences aside, you may actually find a lot of things common between the two of you. Don’t overthink if you like a tall girl. Woo her with aplomb.

2. Do guys mind dating a taller girl?

Some guys may find it awkward to date a taller girl due to their insecurities. Robert Downey Jr. – the famous Iron Man – is said to be very insecure about his height. He even asks actresses to not wear heels, but he himself wears elevator shoes to appear taller. Tall girls should steer clear of such insecure men.

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