23 Tips On How To Respond When He Finally Texts You Back

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Updated On: February 8, 2024
how to respond when he finally texts you back

How to respond when he finally texts you back? We get it. It is not just frustrating waiting for him to reply to your text messages but also stress-inducing. The unreasonable amount of time it took him to reply to your messages may have you knee-deep in apprehension. The overthinking could have led to sleepless nights and anxious mornings. Finally, your screen lights up with his name.

You have mixed feelings now. You have a hundred questions running through your mind. What took him so long to reply? Is he cheating on me? Is he losing interest in me? Was he caught up in some emergency? Fret not. We are here with all the answers to how to respond when he finally texts back. Read along and find out some tips and examples. 

23 Tips On How To Respond When He Finally Texts You Back

You check your phone every ten minutes to see if there is a text from him. It’s painful to see someone you love not care about wanting to know if you are doing well. Just because he replied after making you wait for so long you don’t have to go at him all guns blazing. The right way to handle this is unique to every situation. Tackle it smartly with the help of the ultimate texts to get him chasing you.

How To Respond When He Texts After Ghosting

He took you out on a couple of dates, laughed at your jokes, complimented the color of your eyes, and even kissed you goodbye. He explicitly said he likes you and wants to get to know you better. Then, he ghosted you. You were sad and confused. When a ghoster returns, act calm and don’t make it look like his disappearance bothered you in the least. Be nonchalant and play it cool. Here are some examples on how to respond to ghosting without losing your sanity:

  1. “Oh, hi there. It’s been a while. How are you?” — Yes, that’s how chill you need to sound. This will subtly call out his disappearance

2. “It’s good to hear from you after so long. What made you text me after ghosting me for so long?” — A direct question to let him know ghosting isn’t cool. This will help you understand why he ignored you for so many days. Was it work, family, another woman, or just plain old arrogance?

3. “Before we go any further with this conversation, I am going to need an apology from you.” — By asking for an apology, you are not giving him a chance to win you over again. You just want him to acknowledge how his actions affected you emotionally 

4. “Wait, who is this?”Ghosting says a lot about the person. This salty question is sure to sting him but it will get your point across – ghosting isn’t cool.

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5. “I don’t think you know what it feels like to be ghosted. If we are going to be in touch with each other in the future, we need to establish some ground rules and boundaries.” — If you genuinely liked him and wanted to see if this would last, then give them another chance. However, don’t forget to draw boundaries this time

How To Respond If You Think He Is Losing Interest In You 

You really like him but you have a feeling that he is losing interest in you. How to respond when he finally texts back and you feel like you need to make him fall for you again? Be creative with your texts, and for now, don’t pry too much into his vanishing act. Don’t directly get to the point and ask him if he is losing interest in you either. That just makes you look silly and desperate. If you notice signs he is losing interest in you, here are some examples of how to respond:

6. “Hi there, handsome. I was just thinking about you. Hope all is well with you.” — A simple “how are you” isn’t going to flatter him if he is losing interest in you

7. “Hello, stud. Nice profile picture. When was this taken?” — This is one of the easiest ways to keep the conversation going. Ask questions that will prompt him to reply to your texts

8. “So you finally thought about me? How about we go eat some sushi this weekend?” — Sushi, burger, Chinese, or whatever it is that he likes and won’t say no to. If he says yes, you have an entire evening to impress him and make him fall in love with you 

9. “Miss hanging out with you” — Send a cute picture of yourself along with this message. Nothing too revealing or sexy, just a cute picture of you smiling

10. “I have to go now. Let me know if we can meet for a quick lunch.” — It’s good to be the person who ends the conversation once in a while. Play a little hard to get. After all, he has ignored you for weeks. He deserves to wait for you too

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How To Respond If This Is The First Time It Has Happened

If this is the first time something like this has happened, you must deal with this situation with care and compassion. Give him the benefit of the doubt and try to find out if he was dealing with something that got in the way of him keeping in touch with you. Don’t ask questions to the point where he feels like his privacy is being invaded. Here are some examples of how to respond if this is the first time he has ignored your messages for a long time. This is one of the simple yet powerful ways to make him miss you:

11. “Hey! I am so relieved to hear from you. Is everything okay?” — A simple message like this will make you come across as caring and thoughtful. He may even open up and tell you what’s going on in his life

12. “I am here if you need someone to talk to.” — Maybe he got fired from his job or lost someone close to him. No matter what the reason is, make sure he knows you are there for him 

13. “Thank God, you replied. I have been so worried about you.” — This is for the guy who has ignored you for way too long, has been inactive on social media, and even his friends didn’t know anything about his disappearance. Let him know that you were genuinely worried about him

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How To Respond If You Have Just Started Dating

The initial stages of dating are always exciting. You can’t seem to get enough of each other. You want to be around them all the time. You want to get to know everything about them. What if they ignore you during these times? It breaks your heart. You worry if this is one of the signs he is talking to someone else. Because when you are supposed to be spending time in each other’s arms, you are alone at home looking at your phone desperately waiting for a reply from him. How to respond when he finally texts you back? Here are some examples: 

14. “I don’t know if you were really busy or deliberately ignoring me. Either way, it did no good.” — Pose an indirect question regarding his whereabouts first. And then, tell him this petty behavior is not going to do anyone any good 

15. “I am so sorry to hear that. Can we meet somewhere and talk about it in person?” — If he was really stuck due to an unavoidable circumstance, it’s better to act cool and understanding. You can let him know later that a courteous “I am caught up with something” message would have sufficed. For now, be there for him in his tough times

16. “Are you okay? Why didn’t you text me back? We just started dating and you are already ignoring me. What am I supposed to make of this?” — Start with concern and end with a question that will make him rethink his decision of ignoring you 

17. “I don’t know if you are playing hard to get or you enjoy the thrill of being chased. Whatever the reason behind your indifference, please know that it won’t be tolerated in the future.” — Tell him, girl! If a man ignores you during the early stages of relationship, it’s usually all about power. Let him know that you won’t entertain this kind of manipulative behavior again

18. “Be honest with me. Am I the only one you are dating or are there others?” — When you have just started dating someone and he ignores you for a long time, it’s one of the signs he is still looking around and has kept you as a backup plan. Have a serious conversation about this and make it clear that you won’t be anyone’s second choice

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How To Respond If He Has Repeatedly Ignored Your Texts 

Ignoring your message once is at least understandable if he is really caught up or dealing with an unfortunate situation. But if he has been leaving you on read repeatedly, then it’s one of the signs he is taking you for granted and doesn’t care about you. He could take a minute out of his hectic schedule to let you know that he is good and you have nothing to worry about.

He could text you any time of the day and night when he has a minute to spare but he chooses to ignore you instead. This just shows his level of emotional maturity. Here are some examples of how to respond when he finally texts you back:

19. “I get it you are busy. But don’t tell me you didn’t have a second to check my messages and respond, just to tell me everything is fine?” — If it’s a serious situation and you don’t want to lose him, then this is one of the nicest ways to tell him that you don’t appreciate being treated like this

dating problem

20. “I am not okay with this. You better have a good explanation for this.” — If there isn’t anything serious going on with his life, then you deserve an explanation. If you’ve known each other for a long time and he has made a habit of ignoring you whenever he pleases, then there is no point being with him. It shows that you are not getting the due respect in the relationship. No respect is one of the alarming signs a relationship is ending.

21. “I am only going to continue this relationship if you keep the communication lines open.” — State this directly and with authority. Communication is the key to healthy relationships. When that ship sinks, the relationship isn’t worth saving 

22. “Are you even serious about us? Let me know if you aren’t. I won’t waste my time and effort into keeping this relationship moving.” — You can’t be the only one giving their all to the relationship. There needs to be an equal effort from both partners for them to be able to build a healthy and harmonious relationship. 

23. “This push and pull tactic seems like a recurring theme with you. You can’t just text me when it’s convenient for you or when you are bored. I feel disrespected and it’s damaging my mental health.” — Hot and cold behavior can leave anyone’s mental wellness a shambles. These mixed signals from guys are so maddening. It’s better to clear the air once and for all. He is either serious about you or he is not. Don’t allow yourself to get manipulated by someone who doesn’t care about you

Key Pointers

  • Ghosting is a huge red flag. If a ghoster comes back to you, establish clear boundaries and rules that such behavior won’t be entertained henceforth
  • If your partner is dealing with some personal issues, then lend a sympathetic ear during such difficult times
  • If you feel like he is losing interest in you, then be creative with your use of words and find ways to make your text messages more exciting

A partner who ignores you for no reason at all isn’t reliable. You don’t have to look any further at how to respond when he finally texts you back because it doesn’t matter what kind of a relationship you are looking for. You deserve someone who is at least going to put in the minimal effort of texting you back and letting you know that there is nothing to worry about. It’s one of the signs you are in a negative relationship. Here are some reasons why it’s good to not fall prey to this toxic pattern:

  • Constantly thinking about why he hasn’t replied will take a toll on your mental health
  • Your self-esteem will take a hit because you will start questioning your worth based on someone else’s perception of you
  • This push-and-pull behavior is a technique to manipulate you

Be smart about these things from the very beginning. If he has done this to you more than once, that’s your cue to stand up for yourself and confront him about this. If he acts like this is not a big deal, then that shows how little he thinks of you and your feelings. You need someone who will validate your feelings, not someone who will look down upon them. 

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