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Top 5 sex positions for lazy people

If you just don’t want to put the extra effort on a lazy Sunday afternoon, but want to have sex
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Suppose you really want to have sex but can’t be bothered to do it with energy?

Lazy sex is about having an orgasm without the acrobatic theatrics. Sure, it can be fun to try the expert sex positions which guarantee awesome orgasm and heightened dopamine levels. And surely, there are times when the energy level cannot quite match up to the level of sexiness. Sometimes, all you wanna do is lie down but also enjoy the perks of indulging in sessions of lazy sex.

It is totally fine to crave sex without having to getting into the whole who will be on top question. There are a plethora of arenas of exploring orgasmic pleasure centres without doing much on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Lazy sex can be an eye-opening experience, having the same intensity of energy filled sex.
So, if you are too lazy to try out crazy positions for sex, or just having a chill on an afternoon, these are for you.
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The double lay

As the name suggests, both the partners lie on their sides, facing each other. A lot of emotional and eye-to-eye connection going on with this, as your man enters you with your top leg resting on his. The motion can be controlled by both or you can take turns. This is a super comfy position, with no work at all, and you won’t lose stamina either.

Also, you can grind away to glory while having sex.

Faceless motion

In case you are wondering about the Game of Thrones reference, let me explain. This position is so at par with your lazy days that you can keep at it for long. You don’t face each other, just get the best kind of lazy sex there is.

Both of you lie down facing downwards, on top of each other. The man has to be on top of you, just that he does not have to keep himself propped up all the time. This position provides a major ball-clit action during penetration. The pace can be controlled by either. Either you raise your hips to meet his thrusts or you can enjoy your lazy time while your man puts his minimal effort. The best part is you can get all the sex you want while lying on your bed.

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Sitting with a twist

Basically what the name suggests. This position involves a lot of body-touching, hugging and comfortable sitting. The man sits down with his legs spread while the woman sits on him, with the legs wrapped around. Sure, there might be a whole dilemma as to where the legs go but settling into this position leads to very lazy, Netflix-watching love making.

sitting with a twist
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Classic with a twist

This is missionary with a pillow propped up below the butt. It for one of those times when you are feeling a lot lazier than your man. Just rest your butt on top of a pillow and let your man do the rest. This position also offers a lot of grinding.


This involves a couch, perhaps rainy day love making in the middle of a serious documentary. It is a good change of place. So instead of having lazy sex in bed, you turn the heat on a couch. It seriously is much sexier than it sounds. The woman kneels at the back of the sofa, sort of draping over on the back of the sofa. The partners enters her from behind. It is a super lazy position and you get to snuggle a very comfortable sofa.

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Have you found the man you have been looking for? The perfect guy for you to spoon with? Why not make spooning into something more than just lying there. Whether you are binge-watching your favourite show or just contemplating life, spooning is for both. An ultimate lazy sex position. Even the clothes can stay on. Just remove the underwear and get your man to slide in behind you. Follow your own rhythm and let the hormones do the rest.

couple in spooning position
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Discovering newer creative lazy sex positions is not that difficult. Just do what you do best and don’t forget to experiment with different positions while lying down naked. Let the bodies do the talking.[/restrict]

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