6 Things Men Are Obsessed With But Women Don’t Care About

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Updated On: August 2, 2023
what man like but not woman

The opposite genders are opposite for the right reasons. More often than not, they have opposite interests, opposite characters and are just very different. Guess it was for a reason that John Gray wrote: Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus. He harped on the psychological differences between men and women and how understanding the other could improve communication. So what men care about and can give their right arm for could be in the lowest point in a woman’s priority list when she is judging her man.

6 Things Men Are Obsessed With But Women Don’t Care About

It is imperative to understand that a man might be obsessed with something but a woman couldn’t care less. It could be a big deal for men but it could be insignificant for women. We list the 6 things that men are obsessed with and women don’t care about.

1. Good looks

Let’s be honest here, “Looks don’t matter” is a myth. There is a reason Rahul chose Tina over Anjali in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, and it is the ugly truth that guys will choose a glamorous lady over a girl who is a tomboy, simply because her good looks make her seem more attractive and gives her that seductive charm.

Good looking man
Good looking man

Now, looks matter for girls too, but perhaps not that much as it does for guys.

Women are much more emotional when it comes to serious, intimate relationships and they would rather choose someone with a good heart over someone blessed with good looks.

2. Kissing and smooching

Indian men have been obsessed with kissing, smooching and making out. There used to be a time when Murder used to be secretly stacked among the bunch of DVDs at home theatres and the song Aashiq Banaya Aapne featuring Emraan Hashmi was considered to be the most controversial and revealing of all video songs in Bollywood. Some men today consider these as milestones during those early days when they’d just hit puberty.

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Men are usually dying to experience their first kiss or the first make-out session on the terrace. They plan it to happen, they are always rearing to go. But with women, it’s not something that’s always on their mind when they hit puberty.

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Kissing is something for them that happens, it isn’t something to be planned and followed up.

3. A woman’s curves

Curves work for men
Curves work for men

Everyone is well aware that sexual features are attractive to the eye, but a certain section of men take their obsession with women’s breasts, hips and navel to a whole new level.

The item song culture that has been popularised in Bollywood, in fact, shows the regressive mindset we have been living with for decades, if not centuries. Item songs are most frequently characterised with derogatory lyrics that shamelessly objectify a woman’s body. An item song can still change the box office fate of a film, such is its impact. So it shows how obsessed men can be with these body parts.

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To a woman, a man doing striptease might not even come across as attractive and they most often fail to understand the guy’s obsession with her bosom.

4. Sex and porn

Women do love their moments of glory in the bedroom, but they know how to keep it under a certain limit. Guys are well known for their obsession with having sex and watching porn videos featuring models of various origins from different nations.

Women also watch porn sometimes but they are not as obsessed with the fake size and fake moans as men are. Also, you will rarely find a man who would say porn is repulsive but there are plenty of women who would tell you that.

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5. Sports and video games

Men’s obsession with sports and video games can reach new highs, with PUBG being the latest craze in town, getting your chicken dinner virtually seems to be in fact, tastier than the real deal, i.e., actually getting chicken dinner on your plate.

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In a world where virtual friendships and relationships are on the rise, virtual food seems to be more preferred. We’re not generalizing women in any way, but there is really a significantly lower number of women who are the nerdy types, who are obsessed with playing video games the way their male counterparts are. Video games seem “meh” to most women.

Coming to sports, I will give you one simple instance which makes it clear how different the Indian man and woman’s stances are on the same. My friend from college is in a relationship. The boyfriend was devastated after team India’s brutal loss in the semi-finals of the ICC Cricket World Cup. She tried to console him and asked him once that why he was making such a big deal out of it. He took real offence and did not talk to her for a whole day! You get the gist.

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6. Working equipment

Generally, it is the man of the house who has to do the repairing and fixing work-related things – it can be said that he is in charge of the engineering department in the house. A man loves his tools, be it electrical equipment, gadgets like mobile, sound systems, trimmers, carpentry and other common household items.

A woman totally fails to understand this obsession of his. That’s why men and women will always be different. Because a woman will not realise why he is so obsessed about these things.

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