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Updated On: July 14, 2023
Harry Potter gift ideas

The holiday season is approaching and it is but natural to start thinking about buying presents for your near and dear ones. If your loved ones are adults and still Harry Potter fanatics, then we are here to help you find a unique Harry Potter gift for them that will make them thank you for years to come! Now, just because it’s a Harry Potter gift, it doesn’t mean the process of selecting gifts for these fans becomes easier. The Harry Potter universe is vast and the gifts are never-ending. To help you out, here’s a list of 21 Harry Potter gifts for adults; these have been selected keeping different budgets and tastes in mind.

Best Harry Potter Gift Ideas That Any Fan Will Love

If the person loves winter we suggest you consider the scarf, sweatshirt and throw blanket; if they are quirky and adventurous, gift them the hip flask or Dobby socks. Bookmark the earrings or makeup brushes if they are girly, gift them the cookbook if they are a budding chef, and consider some wall art with an inspirational quote if they are going through a tough time.

1. Harry Potter woven tapestry throw blanket

throw blanket harry potter
Harry Potter Woven Tapestry Throw Blanket, 48 x 60 inches, Marauder’s Map

This 48″W x 60″L, machine-washable, Warner Brothers’ Harry Potter “Marauder’s Map” Throw Blanket is meant to be a decorative piece or tapestry. It’s not super heavy and thus won’t smother you. You can use lying in bed, all warm and comfortable, or wrap it around your shoulders. The image on the blanket immediately rekindles your love for Harry Potter as it lies pretty on top of your bed.

If you want to show this off in the living room, get a specialty hanger or small nails to hang on the wall and reminisce with your friends about the good old Harry Potter days! We wager it’ll make a great Harry Potter gift for women.

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2. The unofficial Harry Potter cookbook

hp cookbook
The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook: From Cauldron Cakes to Knickerbocker Glory

Any adult wizard who loves cooking would absolutely dig this cookbook. As soon as you open the book, you are transported to the wizarding world of culinary delights. The magical recipes include more than 150 super easy recipes along with tips and tricks.

There’s Treacle Tart — Harry’s favorite dessert, Mrs. Weasley’s trademark dish — Molly’s Meat Pies, cauldron cakes, and pumpkin pasties among other lip-smacking food. The excerpts from the books offer context for each recipe thus making the whole process even more fun.

You can invite your friends or partner over and create all these magical recipes with them and post pictures on Instagram to make strangers drool. Could there be a better gift for a Potterhead?

3. Dobby socks, SweetGo ‘Dobby Is Free’ knitted words

hp socks
Dobby Socks, SweetGo Dobby Is Free Knitted Words Unisex Combed Cotton Novelty Socks

The 80% cotton and 20% spandex socks will definitely take you down memory lane thanks to the touching line, “Master has given Dobby a sock, Dobby is free.” The best thing about these socks is that all the words at the bottom are sewn in and they won’t fade over time.

Also, they fit both men and women, so all you Harry Potter-loving couples out there, if you are feeling extra lovey-dovey, you can definitely take turns wearing it (after washing)! And don’t worry, these socks are not just good for a laugh!

They are actually useful and they will keep your feet warm during winters. A nice Christmas gift, if you ask us!

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4. Harry Potter adult fleece hooded bathrobe

bathrobe, harry potter
Roll over image to zoom in Brand: Harry Potter Harry Potter ALL HOUSES Adult Fleece Hooded Bathrobe

This unisex, soft and cozy, adult, fleece, hooded bathrobe is an ideal Harry Potter gift for adults who are all gaga for Harry Potter gifts, not only because it reminds them of their childhood, but also because the gift is actually useful!

Wear it on cold days and feel that extra dose of warmth and have fun imagining yourself as a wizard thanks to the look!

Now being an HP fan doesn’t mean you will only choose Gryffindor — you can choose any house you want and the logo will be embroidered on the robe.

5. Chapter art coasters made from real “Harry Potter” books

HP coasters
Set of 4 Chapter Art Coasters made from real “Harry Potter” books

All you HP fanatics, ahoy! Get these handmade coasters from the chapter title pages of the Potter books as the ideal Harry Potter gifts for adults. The ceramic coasters are perfect souvenirs of your love for the wizards.

The fun part of this gift set is that you will get randomly selected chapters — for example, The Elder Wand, The Triwizard Tournament, The  Journey from Platform 9/34, among others.

Created with a cork backing and secured with a waterproof coating, these coasters will add to the decor of your homes and also shield your surfaces from potential damage caused due to drink-ware.

6. Wizard wand Potter makeup brushes

potter makeup
Wizard Wand Potter Makeup Brushes, 5 sets Potter Makeup brushes

Love HP as well as makeup? We suggest getting your hands on these wizard wand Harry Potter makeup brushes as Harry Potter gifts for adults which are nothing less than the commercial brushes out there.

These brushes will blend your foundation like a pro and also help you in applying eyeshadow and contouring — what perfect Harry Potter gifts for women! These makeup brushes constituting dense, soft, synthetic fibers are compatible with powder, and gel liners.

The brushes are on the heavier side and the bristles are sturdy, so don’t worry about them falling off! And oh, this gift set comes with a surprise — a necklace!  

7. Harry Potter gold Snitch pewter key ring

potter keyring
Gold Snitch Potter keyring

If you are a movie prop collector and dig both the HP books and movies equally, then we suggest you get this Gold Snitch Harry Potter key ring. This Golden Snitch doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, is made of metal and is anything but fragile.

If you are feeling adventurous, remove the key chain part, include a piece of clear fishing line through the loop, alter the wings and in no time you will see a flying snitch in your room!

But if you want to avoid any risk, it’s best to use it as a keychain.

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8. Black matte 6oz engraved hip flask

Harry Potter hipflask
Black Matte Hip Flask, Inspired By Harry Potter

Are you a Harry Potter fan and have recently reached the legal age of drinking? Then grab this Harry Potter inspired hip flask! You can have your very own Polyjuice potion aka your favorite alcohol in this black matte 60z engraved hip flask. Could there be a better Harry Potter gift for adults? NO!

Bear in mind that you have to shell out a few extra bucks for the customization on the back and the front to perfectly be in sync with the Harry Potter theme.

Carry this with you while you are on a drive, on an outing, or a date! Don’t drink alcohol? Then use it to store your favorite creams, lotions and perfumes! 

9. Harry Potter earrings

HP earrings
Harry Potter Inspired Earrings

Get your hands on these lightweight, cute and pretty earrings and make a style statement. These handmade, silver, Harry Potter earrings made of stainless steel are an ideal gift for Harry Potter fans and anyone who loves silver jewelry.

This gift will especially strike a chord with adults whose favorite book in the series was the seventh and final book Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, because of the design — the Deathly Hallows!

These understated earrings arrive in an organza gift pouch with an earring holder card, earring backs, a Thank You card and a complimentary vinyl sticker. Can you think of a better Harry Potter gift for adult women?

10. Harry Potter sweatshirt

Harry Potter Inspired, Graphic Sweater, Unisex Sweatshirt

Want to flaunt your obsession with the HP series? Get this unisex 50% Cotton, 50% Polyester Harry Potter-inspired sweatshirt for you and your loved ones. Women who prefer a slimmer fit should order one size down.

This sweatshirt has got a 1×1 ribbed collar, cuffs and waistband with spandex, seamless body, and concealed seam on cuffs. The stitch is double needle work covering the seam on waistband, neck and armholes.

To maintain your favorite sweatshirt, iron it on low heat on the reverse side of the print; avoid ironing the print, bleaching and dry cleaning. What a comfy and great Harry Potter gift for adults!

11. Harry Potter inspired satin dressing gown for bridal shower

Harry Potter wedding day gift
Harry Potter Inspired Satin Gown Robe Dressing Gown for Bridal Shower

Planning to have a Harry Potter themed wedding? You can get as many robes as you want — each robe will be dedicated to one Hogwarts House. Click your bridal photos with your bridesmaids wearing these robes — each robe is dedicated to a particular house, you can pick and choose!

The back of the robe will be according to your chosen design. If you don’t select a particular glitter color, you will get gold text in the back design. Since the robes are on the smaller size, we suggest you go at least one size up. 

These robes are made of silk satin, are thick and non-see through. The front of the robe will display the HP house emblems and they will appear in the customary house colors. Gift two to a couple as a Harry Potter gift for adults on their wedding day!

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12. Hermione’s time turner

Hermione's Time Turner
Noble Collection – Harry Potter – Hermione’s Time Turner

An ideal Harry Potter gift for adult women who still crush on all things Harry Potter! This gift is sure to delight her if her favorite character in the series is Hermione Granger (sorry, Luna Lovegood fans!).

You can choose from the four official replicas of the Time Turner — one in silver (silver color), one in silver-plated 24-carat gold, one in metal 24-carat gold plated 5.5 cm in diameter and one in metal 24-carat gold plated 3.5 cm in diameter. 

Those who wish to wear their Time-Turner and want them more robust and best suited for outdoors, get the  5.5cm replica. The 3.5cm is smaller and therefore a bit fragile, so choose it only if you want your Time Turner to be cute and delicate!

13. Custom Harry Potter mug

HP mug
Custom HP mug, best friend wizard mug custom mug

These handmade, ceramic, customized Harry Potter mugs are an ideal way to start your day! Have your favorite coffee, tea or any beverage in it and start the day on a positive note. You can get your and your favorite person’s name printed on the cup and create a memento.

You can choose the hair, scarf and skin color for both the girls — we think this is an ideal gift for your girlfriends, sister or any fellow female Potter maniac.

These cups are dishwasher friendly when placed on the top track and safe in a microwave. If you would like to order a mug with a male figure on it, you can always opt for a couple mug! A brilliant anniversary or birthday gift for all our Harry Potter fans, this mug is a heart stealer!

14. Heat activated color changing Marauder’s Map cotton face mask

Heat Activated Color Changing Marauder’s Map CottonFace Mask / Harry Potter / Adjustable Length

Gone are the days when people stared at you if you wore a mask. Now very much a part of our daily fashion for reasons we all know, how about a Potter-themed mask? Get ready to wear this cotton, heat-activated, color-changing, Marauder’s Map mask.

If you are gifting it to someone you can add an element of surprise by personalizing this gift with a letter from Professor McGonagall. Now coming to the Marauder’s Map! Both sides of the mask are black and you will find one of them displaying the map when there’s heat.

All you Tik Tok lovers must know that this mask was inspired by Stephanie Hook’s viral Tik Tok video! Tip: Avoid washing and wipe this mask with a damp rag instead.

15. Harry Potter Golden Snitch light

golden snitch light
Harry Potter Golden Snitch Light, Harry Potter Movie and Books Themed Merchandise

Us HP lovers can’t get enough of the Golden Snitch, can we? Here’s another Harry Potter gift for adults to add to your quidditch memorabilia — a Harry Potter Golden Snitch light that can be used as an elegant decoration. You can use this as a contemporary decoration in a Harry Potter themed party, for game night or simply in your bedroom.

This one is firmer than other touch lamps with and the setup is easy. You will get a standard USB or mini USB and will have to arrange your own outlet plug and the outcome? The best Harry Potter gift for an adult that will light up their smile when they receive it.

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16. Spoontiques Hogwarts glitter cup

hp glitter cup, multicoloured
Spoontiques Hogwarts Glitter Cup w/Straw, 20 ounces, Multicolored

Looking for a sturdy, multi-colored, plastic cup with great size and smooth metal lid for a perfect Harry Potter gift for adults? Try out the Spoontiques Hogwarts Glitter Cup which has 20 oz capacity, is double-wall insulated with a stainless steel lid and a plastic straw which is capable of being used multiple times.

The glitter accentuates the cup. If you are a Harry Potter enthusiast and also a germaphobe, you are definitely going to love this. The best part is that you can use this cup both indoors and outdoors. Take it with you on a drive, picnic or even a date! And if you know any Potterheads, this is a great gift idea!

17. Cinereplicas Harry Potter scarf 

Cinereplicas Harry Potter Scarf, Ultra Soft Knitted Fabric

Do you love winter? Does it bring out all the warm and cozy feels? Then how about some nifty Harry Potter memorabilia for your favorite season? Add this Harry Potter scarf to your winter wardrobe — this one is super long and resembles the ones you see in the HP movies.

You can wear it not only during winter but also to a Harry Potter themed party or any costume party for that matter. The scarf is super soft, and will keep you nice and warm.

Made from acryl which will help in providing extra warmth and comfort to you during winters. And the cherry on top? You get a gift along with this gift — it’s a Harry Potter gift zipper bag.

18. Happiness can be found in the darkest of times inspirational quotes

inspirational quote
Harry Potter Inspirational Quote

This art print is one of the best Harry Potter fan arts ever made, simply because of its positive message — “Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light”. An ideal gift choice to remind your teens to stay optimistic and also a brilliant Harry Potter gift for adults!

You can put up this inspiring quote either in your home or workplace to add a dose of Harry Potter inspiration in your life. This art print is an original watercolor with a touch of gold foil, crafted by artists at Eleville.

Each print is about 8 x 10 inch and the textured photo paper has zero acid and a supreme quality backing board. The perfect gift for someone wholes art and the wizarding world.

19. Flying cauldron butterscotch beer

Flying Cauldron Butterscotch Beer
(Pack of 6)

It’s slightly sweeter than coke, and although not identical to the real butterbeer (no fizz and whipped foam), if you are not a pedant, you will definitely dig this. Even though it’s not exactly the drink described in the series, the label is almost identical to the one shown in the HP series. 

If you dig butterscotch flavor, buy this and share it with your fellow Potterheads! This non-alcoholic beverage is caffeine-free and contains Sparkling filtered water, unbleached cane sugar, vanilla extract, natural caramel, natural flavors and stevia rebaudiana leaf extract.

When buying the 6-pack, note that you will get a four-pack box, wrapped in bubble wrap. The last two will be wrapped in a lot of bubbles as well but they will come independently . Aah! What a delicious Harry Potter gifts for adults .

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20. Big Mo’s toys wizard glasses 

wizard glasses, harry potter
Big Mo’s Toys Wizard Glasses – Round Wire Costume Glasses Accessories for Dress Up – 1 Pair Black

These are real and not “pretend glasses”. You get “real” wire frames with real lenses. They look just like the glasses that Harry wore in the movies. This is one of the best ways to display your nerdiness!

Wear this to classes or on an outing, you can even pose in them for your Instagram to make a style statement. You can present these as a Harry Potter gift to women or men! These are also great for costume parties — these lenses are 2.5” in diameter and the glasses are 5” wide with an arm length of 5”.

These glasses are made of premium materials, so don’t worry about them being toxic for you!

21. Harry Potter knee high socks

Harry Potter Knee High Socks for year round use

Any kinky Potter fanatics out there?! These 98% Polyester, 2% Spandex, officially licensed Harry Potter socks are perfect for some role-playing in the bedroom. Pair them up with thigh highs or a sexy skirt and watch your partner drool!

You can also wear it to work or college during winters and even at a Harry Potter themed wedding or party. The socks are soft and comfy. However, keep in mind that if you have chubby legs, they might feel a bit tight and if your legs lean towards skinny, they might feel a little loose!

These are for Ladies with a sock size of 9-11 / shoe size of 5-10. If your legs fit the criteria, then go ahead buy these and enjoy them as costume accessories.

True-blue Harry Potter fans can never wish for anything other than a heap of Harry Potter inspired gifts. Who wouldn’t love a Time Turner or a real-life Marauder’s Map, after all? If you have any Harry Potter fanatics in your close circle, and are thinking of giving them a gift, nothing beats Harry Potter themed gifts for adults! Go ahead and grab these amazing options for your Potterhead friend and we guarantee an unbreakable bond!

Give your friends and family these Harry Potter gifts and let them relive their days with the young wizard.


1. What should I get my Harry Potter obsessed friend for Christmas?

Personalized wands, Harry Potter merchandise, and official copies of transcripts like the Marauder’s Map or Hogwarts Letter are brilliant choices that make for the most sought-after Harry Potter gift for adults

2. What should I get my Harry Potter obsessed daughter?

Find out what house your daughter belongs to and get her a personalized robe set. That is definitely one of the best Harry Potter gifts for women. You also have Deathly Hallows earrings, wizard wand makeup brushes and so much more!

3. What to get a teen who loves Harry Potter?

Teenagers can be totally crazy about Harry Potter! Gifts for Harry Potter fans in their teens can be books, accessories, robes and sweatshirts. Useful items and an addition to their still-growing collection, these are really the best Harry Potter gifts to give a teen Potterhead.

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