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If you’re looking for the best gifts for Scorpios, you’ve come to the perfect place. In this article, we’re going to look at some of the most unique and characteristic Scorpio gifts that would appeal to your partner, and even your Scorpio friends and family. Scorpios are generally drawn toward all things mysterious and dark, and if you fail to choose a good enough gift for them, heaven forbid! 

You just don’t want to get in their bad books. Jokes apart, there is a good chance that your Scorpio partner has things that they’re very passionate about. It can be some fandom or a book they really like. And one of the simplest yet best Scorpio gift ideas would be to get them something related to their obsession. They’ll love you forever. Now let’s look at some of the most incredible gifts for Scorpios and get shopping!

Best Gifts For Scorpio Man

Scorpio men are usually unyielding and possessive in nature. They tend to be passionate. This is why the best gifts for a Scorpio man are things that are personal to him. Say, a playlist of songs you think he might like if he’s passionate about music. The following Scorpio gifts for him will help you pick something that’s closer to his interests while also being something special. To be honest, these gifts can be chosen for anyone regardless of their gender. 

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1. 3D crystal ball 

gifts for scorpio man - 3D crystal ball
3D crystal ball 

Appeal to the mysterious nature of your Scorpio partner with this elegant constellation ball. As per feng shui, crystal balls like these bring positivity and calmness into any space. It would also be a great gift if your partner is passionate about architecture or home decor. The Scorpio symbol stands for creativity and invention. What better way to reflect that than this imaginative piece when searching for gifts for a Scorpio boyfriend?

  • The crystal ball is handmade and polished for a clear and reflective surface
  • Can be used as a paperweight or a home decor piece
  • Comes in a brown sandbag and with a flowering stand for keeping it anywhere easily

2. Metal wall decor

scorpio gift ideas - Metal wall decor
Metal wall decor

With its hollowed-out design and 3D appearance, this set of three wall decor art pieces is sure to delight your partner. When searching for Scorpio gift ideas, you should go for something that looks royal and elegant in any space. These simple yet gorgeous wall decor pieces fit the bill perfectly. You can install them anywhere you’d like, be it your personal or professional space, your bathroom, or your living room, and it’d be a perfect addition to that corner.

  • Made of pure metal that looks great no matter where you install it
  • Provides a modern, minimalist appearance to any space
  • All nails and extenders required for installation come with the product 

3. Sherlock Holmes mystery quiz game

scorpio birthday gifts - Sherlock holmes mystery game
Sherlock holmes mystery game

One of the best gifts for Scorpios because of how nerdy and mysterious it is. This game is perfect for all ages and occasions! Whether you’re searching for a present for Christmas or for someone’s birthday, you don’t need to look beyond this wonderful quiz game. It helps test and further develop your cognitive capabilities by posing unique challenges that you have to solve without using any clues. When shortlisting Scorpio gifts for him, this gift deserves a place on the list because of its appealing challenges and uniqueness.

  • This Sherlock Holmes quiz collection is available in six unique styles
  • Has three difficulty levels depending on one’s age and proficiency in puzzles
  • Contains a coin, a coin maze, case files, and a solution to the puzzle

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4. High-fidelity vinyl turntable record player

gifts for scorpio boyfriend - High-fidelity vinyl turntable record player
High-fidelity vinyl turntable record player

Looking for Scorpio birthday gifts for your partner that have both functional and aesthetic value? Look no further, because, with this record player, the music streaming out will be so clear and pure that they’ll be forever captivated. Not just that, the record player looks great in any space with its vintage appearance. For your Scorpio partner and friends who have a taste in music and stylish things, this is the product to go for.

  • Made of engineered wood for a stylish finish
  • Comes in three colors: white, black, and walnut
  • Premium components create uncompressed sounds for a unique listening experience
  • Walnut-finished cabinet reduces vibrations to make sure you hear only the best possible signal

5. Scorpio zodiac t-shirt

scorpio gifts for him - Scorpio zodiac t-shirt
Scorpio zodiac t-shirt

When getting gifts for a Scorpio boyfriend, sometimes, the simplest is the best way to go. This is even truer if your partner prefers simple gifts. This t-shirt has a funny quote printed over it. The quote implies that Scorpios have a different level of craziness altogether. And if you’ve been friends with Scorpios, as you probably are, you’d agree. Through the t-shirt, your partner can also proudly display their zodiac sign publicly. 

  • Comes in 9 colors for you to choose from
  • Made of 100% cotton
  • Lightweight, which means you can wear it all day without any discomfort

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6. Wine glass with a zodiac sign

gifts for scorpio man - Wine glass with a zodiac sign
Wine glass with a zodiac sign

With its stunning printed design and a gorgeous gift box, these wine glasses are perfect as gifts for a Scorpio man, or any Scorpio person in your life who loves wine. They’ll appeal to the royal nature of the Scorpios and will be a perfect addition to their glass collection. These products are particularly suited as gifts on romantic occasions such as Valentine’s Day or your anniversaries.

  • The same product can be purchased for other zodiac signs as well
  • Has a stemless shape
  • Made of glass, hence should be handled with care

Best Gifts For Scorpio Women

Scorpio women tend to be ambitious and intense, imaginative, and passionate. Therefore, the best gifts for a Scorpio woman, or any Scorpio, would be something that caters to her interests in life. It could be a personalized item to make her feel special or a set of cosmetic products to show the world who’s the boss. The following gifts for a Scorpio girlfriend will help you pick something that suits both her personality and zodiac sign.

7. Scorpio all-natural soy candle

scorpio gifts for her - Scorpio all-natural soy candle
Scorpio all-natural soy candle

Want gifts for Scorpios but don’t know their preferences? Don’t worry. Let your friend relax after a stressful day with this soy candle that smells of coconut water and French lavender. Not just that, it also has undertones of tonka bean, amber, and vanilla in it. With these blended fragrances, it’s almost impossible for your friend to not feel relaxed and wonderful. All the candles are handmade and a part of the profits goes to helping women in need, this is why these are the perfect gifts for Scorpio women.

  • The candle is devoid of any additives and is free of zinc and lead
  • Comes in a 9 oz apothecary jar that can be reused
  • Made using completely natural soy

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8. Italia Deluxe matte lipstick set

gifts for scorpio woman - Italia Deluxe matte lipstick set
Italia Deluxe matte lipstick set

When trying to find gifts for Scorpios, give your Scorpio partner the gift of confidence and luxury with this sexy lipstick set. Not only do they keep your lips soft and smooth, but they also lend a sassy touch to your lips that‘s sure to attract more than a few eyeballs. This set is perfect for any and every occasion, whether you’re searching for Scorpio birthday gifts or anniversary gifts for your girlfriend.

  • Gives a matte look that gives you a classy appearance
  • Has a lightweight feel
  • Lasts for a long time

9. Scorpio astrology camp mugs

scorpio gift ideas - Scorpio astrology camp mugs
Scorpio astrology camp mugs

Do you want to get gifts for a Scorpio girlfriend? Well, these camp mugs are a safe choice when it comes to picking a gift for her. Not only does it have an attractive star-specific sign on it, but it also has the characteristics of a Scorpio printed on the bottom. For that dreamy friend of yours who likes to think of strange and beautiful things sitting under the stars, these premium mugs would make for great gifts for Scorpios.

  • Available in multiple variations as per different star signs
  • Made with high-fire ceramic that’s sure to last for a long time
  • External black color is by decal, the interior is of white color

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10. Personalized acrylic song

gifts for scorpio girlfriend - Personalized acrylic song
Personalized acrylic song

When purchasing gifts for Scorpio women, you should try to get something that’s personal to them and specific to their tastes. And what better gift than a physical frame with a song that you two enjoy? There are several reasons that this is one of the best Scorpio gifts for her. The transparent design looks great anywhere you place it and brings an aesthetic quality to it. 

  • Comes in two bases, acrylic and wooden
  • Made of acrylic
  • Comes with an optional printed QR code

11. Tarot deck with guidebook and box

scorpio birthday gifts - Tarot deck with guidebook and box
Tarot deck with guidebook and box

Are you searching for some mysterious gifts for Scorpios that are perfect for that witchy friend of yours? Then these astrology cards should be the ones to go for. Brimming with lunar symbolism, these cards help you understand the present circumstances. Not just that, they also help you look into the past for anyone. They help channel and develop your intuition which helps you get clearer thought processes and lead a more peaceful life. 

  • Built with the traditional format, the complete deck consists of 78 cards
  • The artwork on the cards is original and helps you channel your energy
  • The matte finish on these cards helps you shuffle and use them easily 

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12. Zodiac necklace set

scorpio gifts for her - Zodiac necklace set
Zodiac necklace set

When buying Scorpio gifts for her, why not go for something both luxurious and beautiful at the same time? With this necklace set, you can fulfill these criteria while also gifting her something that’s specific to her (her star sign). These make for great gifts for a Scorpio girlfriend as each has a unique, minimalist look about them that makes them stand out. And since there are three necklaces inside the set, she’ll always have something to wear as an accessory at all the parties and events. 

  • Each necklace is silver-plated
  • No nickel or lead is used and they’re built for strength and durability
  • The length of each chain is 17.7 in

As we come to the end of the article, I hope you have found some unique Scorpio gift ideas by now. All of them have been selected keeping in mind the personalized and mysterious nature of the Scorpio sign holders and are definitely going to cheer them up. With these gifts for Scorpios, expect your partner or friends to be impressed by your choice. So what’s stopping you then? Get clicking!

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