18 Long-Distance Birthday Gifts To Make Your Partner’s Birthday Special

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Looking for the best long-distance birthday gifts for your partner to make their special day even more special? While it’s easy to go for something expected and generic, putting some thought behind it will help elevate the love and affection between you two. No matter the distance or time gap, show that you care for them through a beautiful present.

In this article, we’re going to look at some of the best birthday gifts for long-distance relationships that are sure to bring a smile to your partner’s face. So if you want something that will make them miss you even more and make their birthday a happier one, keep reading and you are certain to find something perfect. These long-distance birthday gifts have been curated while keeping in mind varied interests and personalities so that everyone finds something special for their loved one.

Best Long-Distance Birthday Gifts For Him And Her

In a long-distance relationship, the days you get with each other are few and far between, which is why the present you select for them should be something meaningful. It can be anything, from gifting your partner cool gadgets to surprising them with Harry Potter-themed gifts. Make sure it’s in accordance with their tastes and preferences, while also showing what they mean to you.

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The long-distance birthday gifts listed below can make an otherwise distant relationship feel close and intimate in that moment. The right gift can lessen the distance between you two and make you feel like you’re next to each other. Let’s now take a look at some wonderful long-distance birthday gift ideas.

1. The Bridges of Madison County by Robert James Waller

The Bridges of Madison County by Robert James Waller
The Bridges of Madison County by Robert James Waller

Want some romantic long-distance birthday gift ideas for your partner? Then this beautiful and romantic classic is perfect, especially if your partner likes to read. You can even bridge your distance by reading it together. The book puts on the page the feelings of millions of people who long for their love and dreams, and tells the story of a love that changes you and your life forever.

  • Available in 41 different formats and editions
  • Tells the love story of a photographer, Robert Kincaid, and a farm wife, Francesca Johnson
  • Published by Warner Bros. and has a total of 192 pages, so you can read it in no time or take it slow

2. Heart-shaped succulents

Heart-shaped succulents
Heart-shaped succulents

These live succulents would make the perfect last-minute, long-distance birthday gifts. These heart-shaped plants will express your love for them, while also giving them something that will always remind them of you. These plants are easy to take care of, so you can be sure they won’t easily wither from negligence and would accompany your partner for a long time. These Hoya kerrii or Hoya heart plants add style and aesthetic to any space they’re kept in.

  • Requires only partial sun exposure
  • Pot comes with the succulents
  • The plant is native to southeastern Asia

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3. Acusphere high-intensity massage ball

Acusphere high-intensity massage ball
Acusphere high-intensity massage ball

Searching for some cool-looking birthday gifts for a long-distance boyfriend or partner? Worry not, for this massage ball works well in both the functional and aesthetic departments. It has a modern and sleek appearance that is sure to appeal to them and help them relax after a long day of work. This ball has been designed to work on the smaller muscles as well as relieve tension in your entire body. 

  • The ball is battery-powered and made up of foam
  • Has 4 vibration modes to provide you with the kind of relaxation you prefer
  • Its small size makes it convenient to carry everywhere

4. Retro typewriter keyboard

Retro typewriter keyboard
Retro typewriter keyboard

For long-distance birthday gifts, why not go for something that is unique and carries a rustic charm? This retro typewriter keyboard can easily be connected to different devices using Bluetooth and brings a vintage charm to your partner’s desk. The keyboard has white LED lights that you can switch on just by pulling a lever. It makes the keyboard look more attractive and also lets you use it in the dark. 

  • Panels made of aluminum alloy electroplated with wooden grains
  • Has the touch and feel of old typewriters while working with your PC and tablets
  • Compatible with all devices that have Bluetooth services

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5. Magnetic levitating globe

Magnetic levitating globe
Magnetic levitating globe

If you wish to get some cool birthday gifts for long-distance relationships, this is one of the best options you can go for. This uber cool piece of decor can be kept on any surface and it will raise the aesthetic quotient of that space by miles! The globe floats in the air because of strong magnetic fields. You can also rotate the globe and it’ll keep rotating for 15-25 minutes. This makes for a great centerpiece as well as a conversation-starter.

  • Available in 2 colors
  • Made of plastic
  • Needs to be plugged into an electrical outlet for the levitation to work

6. Romantic candle-holder statue

Romantic candle-holder statue
Romantic candle-holder statue

If you want some last minute long-distance birthday gifts that help express your love for your partner, you wouldn’t find many better options than this. The statue symbolizes a promise of a future together. The LED candle makes sure you don’t have to light it every time and it lasts long, just like your love. The candle can be placed anywhere and lends a certain ambiance to any room where it’s kept.

  • Made of premium quality resin
  • LED candle works with a battery
  • Comes packed in a giftable box for instant gifting 

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7. Moonlight night lamp

Moonlight night lamp
Moonlight night lamp

Looking for simplistic yet beautiful long-distance birthday gifts? This moon lamp is a great option. It adds a warm and comfortable aura to your bedroom while you literally bring the moon down for her. Whenever she’ll look at it, it would be impossible not to be reminded of you, she might even imagine both of you together under the moonlight. No matter what the occasion is, this lamp is a perfect product to gift your partner!

  • Light can be switched among 3 intensities
  • Can be powered with a USB cable
  • Requires electricity at all times, can’t be charged

8. Personalized acrylic album cover

Personalized acrylic album cover
Personalized acrylic album cover

Want to get the perfect birthday gift for long-distance girlfriend or partner? This personalized product might just be the thing to bowl them over. With a picture of your choice and an option to add your favorite song or album code with it, you can express your love silently. Choose all those songs that you love listening to together, and show how they’re always on your mind. The minimal yet aesthetic plaque would look great on any surface and would always remind them of the love between you two. 

  • Your personalized song or album can be added by a directly scannable QR code
  • Made of acrylic
  • Can be framed for a more stylish look

9. ‘Let the adventure begin’ picture frame

'Let the adventure begin' picture frame
‘Let the adventure begin’ picture frame

The best long-distance birthday gifts are those that remind them of your time together. This lovely keepsake can be kept for many years as a beautiful reminder of you. The picture frame is suitable for all kinds of occasions, be it an anniversary or a birthday, or a celebration of some kind. Not only does it bring to life a cherished memory from the past when you two were together, but also serves to remind them of a future together.

  • Made of engineered wood and has a wooden texture
  • Has a handmade heart made of string
  • Can be easily mounted on the wall

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10. Recycled dual-time zone clock

Recycled dual-time zone clock
Recycled dual-time zone clock

When trying to get the best last minute long-distance birthday gifts, this dual-time zone clock can be the perfect present to give to your partner. For one, it’s a minimalistic product that goes with any space and lends an aura of calmness and sophistication. Not to mention that the clock has two separate clocks, one for your time and one for theirs. This is particularly helpful when they’re staying in a time zone different from yours as it shall always remind them of you whenever they see the time. It’ll also save them the mental calculation of figuring out the time in your part of the world before they place a call to you. 

  • Made of recycled paper
  • Runs on AA batteries
  • The clock has a size of 10.6×7.9 in

11. Funny T-Rex pop-up card

Funny T-Rex pop-up card
Funny T-Rex pop-up card

When selecting long-distance birthday gifts for him or her, why not pick something adorable to melt their heart, while also expressing your love? Sometimes little gestures and gifts express what we feel better than our words ever can. The product also comes with a notecard where you can write all that they mean to you and why you love them each and every day. You can also write about the time when you two shall be together.

  • The package includes a pop-up card, an envelope, and a notecard
  • Made of premium quality paper so that the card lasts long
  • Product dimensions are 5×7 in

12. Assorted chocolate gift box

Assorted chocolate gift box
Assorted chocolate gift box

When looking for a birthday gift for long-distance girlfriend or partner, a chocolate box is always a safe and delightful present to give. And what better than a gift box with a ‘variety’ of chocolate flavors? These deluxe chocolate boxes as gifts are perfect for any occasion, be it an anniversary, a birthday, or any festivity. Even if you just feel like spoiling your partner on a random day, you won’t find many choices better than this. If they love chocolates (who doesn’t?), you can rest assured they’ll absolutely love this gift, and you, of course.

  • Contains chocolates of varied flavors such as caramel, raspberry, milk, and more
  • Comes in a stunning gift box for immediate gifting
  • Temperature-controlled packing to ensure you receive it in perfect shape

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13. Photo album travel scrapbook

Photo album travel scrapbook
Photo album travel scrapbook

If you want to give a more personal and meaningful long-distance birthday gift to your partner that holds significance in your heart as well as theirs, this product is the perfect option to go for. The scrapbook photo album can hold over 100 photos, so you can insert all the memories of you two together in one place. The design of the book is such that one can’t help but feel a whiff of nostalgia and affection for the sender and the unique pictures inside the book will make sure that they’ll have something to remember you by at all times. 

  • Has a wrap tie closure
  • Pages are thick and of premium quality so you can DIY as you wish
  • You can also purchase extra sheets to add to the book

14. Microwaveable moist heating pad for pain relief

Microwaveable moist heating pad for pain relief
Microwaveable moist heating pad for pain relief

Sometimes the best long-distance birthday gift ideas are about the little comforts of your partner. If they have been suffering from aches, then this is the right product to get for them. The beauty of it lies not in its appearance or design, but in its utility. This gift will show that you care deeply for them, no matter how large the distance between you two. This heating pad can be wrapped around any area and used for pain relief easily. Its efficient technology ensures there’s effective pain relief even after consistent usage.

  • Comes in 2 sizes and 5 color variations
  • Made of soft, premium fleece for maximum comfort
  • Works for all parts of your body

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15. Love note messenger

Love note messenger
Love note messenger

Searching for some unique long-distance birthday gifts for your partner? Why not gift them a letterbox of your love? Doesn’t make sense? Well, this product is a device that has a heart that starts turning whenever you send a message. Now that message can be anything, from a photo to a text message to an animation that they can see by opening the lid. And they can, in turn, send you virtual hearts by turning the heart of the box. The product can be a cool way of interacting with your partner every day, by sending them something fun and romantic, and staying close despite the distance.

  • Message can be sent through Lovebox’s app, available on both Play Store and App Store
  • The box requires Wi-Fi for connection
  • Made of bamboo wood

16. Q&A a day: 3-year journal for two people

Q&A a day 3-year journal for two people
Q&A a day: 3-year journal for two people

Looking for long-distance birthday gift ideas that can help you interact and know each other better? Look no further than this cute journal for 3 years, which gives a question to both of you every day to create a time capsule for your relationship. There’s enough space in the diary for two people to write a sentence or two, and when you’re in a long-distance relationship, you can make it a daily ritual. Your partner can write both of your answers, and eventually, you two will have something beautiful to look back on.

  • The questions in the journal can be on anything: your relationship, about each other, about your day, and more
  • Has a total of 368 pages
  • The journal has been published by Potter Style

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17. ‘Letters to open with…’ letter book

'Letters to open with…' letter book
‘Letters to open with…’ letter book

If you want the most romantic long-distance birthday gifts for him or her, this is the ultimate product to purchase. This book of letters needs to be filled by the sender for different occasions and prompts. The book offers prompts such as “open when you need to make a big decision’’ or “open when you’re looking for inspiration’’. These are sure to make them feel as if you’re with them in all the crucial moments of their life. This will increase the intimacy between you two and also makes for a very romantic gifting option.

  • The book has a hardcover binding
  • Comes with stickers for additional touches to the letters
  • Includes 12 letters

18. Long-distance connection bracelets

Long-distance connection bracelets
Long-distance connection bracelets

When purchasing birthday gifts for a long-distance boyfriend or partner, these bracelets would be the perfect mix of cool and romantic. They mimic the vibrations that your partner’s touch creates, making it feel as if they’re with you. It also gives you access to a secure and encrypted private space on Bond Touch App that lets you share personal moments with each other, safely, even when far away from each other. 

  • Bracelets are of silver color
  • Uses Bluetooth for connection
  • Has a battery life of up to 4 days
  • The package includes 2 Bond Touch bracelets, each with a silver loop and a black TPU band, 2 USB chargers, and 2 user manuals 

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We hope this article has been helpful in finding those perfect long-distance birthday gifts. No matter which product you choose, it’s always preferable if it pertains to their interests and hobbies. That way, you express your care and love, and also give a present that is truly specific to your partner. 


1. What surprise can I give my long-distance boyfriend?

There are several ways to surprise your long-distance boyfriend. You can gift him something related to his hobby, such as a guitar or its accessories if he likes music, a console if he loves gaming, or a book if he loves reading. The best way to surprise him is by giving him something that’s specific to his tastes and portrays thoughtfulness on your part. This further increases your mutual love and affection.

2. How to spice up a long-distance relationship?

There are several ways to spice up your long-distance relationship. You can watch a movie together, send each other letters and gifts, or plan what your future may look like. You can also send each other naughty messages to develop your intimacy and attraction toward each other. Try to surprise each other from time to time so that a sense of anticipation and thrill remains dominant in your relationship.

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