He is not interested in me so should I keep trying to woo him or move on?

frustrated lady


Hi ma’am,

I am deeply attracted to a guy in my dance team. He is the captain of the team. I have really strong feelings for him and have confessed everything to him.

The reason he gave me for not talking much to me or not coming close to me is that our guru is known to my mother and there is nothing hidden from our guru. In case he came to know about our relationship it will be a problem for both of us. I told the guy that we have a personal life outside the team also.

He said that he found me sweet and knows that I have true feelings for him but also said that he is unclear about his feelings regarding me. From that day, I have stopped messaging him. He messages me sometimes and even sends me his dance videos (don’t know if he has sent that to me only or to someone else also). I don’t know why he is like this – sometimes he messages me himself and sometimes he will read my messages and not reply. I really miss him. I want to talk to him and spend time with him.

My question to you ma’am, is, should I keep putting my efforts till I get results or I should step back and move on?

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Dear Young Girl,

I don’t know what to say to you.

He’s very clear in his thoughts and has told you what he sees and wants. I don’t know what the problem is. You can’t really force someone to be in a relationship with you now, can you?

I don’t even know where and why you wish to put your efforts when someone has clearly told you that they’re not interested.

The choice is simple and is in your hands. You know what you must do to maintain your peace, else you wouldn’t have written to me in the first place. I may not be able to tell you what you must do. But I’m assuming you’re a smart girl and know what you must do.

All the best!

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