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What do women want?

Are women really so difficult to understand, or is it just that not many men have tried to understand them?
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Women are labelled as “mysterious”, “enigmatic” and “hard to please”, but are they really so difficult? Why are there so many question marks when we talk about the female gender? We are as clueless as you are (and we have both men and women on our team!), but let us clear some doubts and share what we think really is important for women. Are they too complicated? Or is it that they strive for such basic and simple things that men often overlook them?

Jewellery, diamonds, flowers and soft toys are banned from the list. So go ahead and put on your thinking caps and start commenting!

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  1. Women want to be noticed! They want to know they matter! Women would sacrifice anything for that attention!

  2. It is a human tendency to be complicated and it isn’t specific to women. Every living being has a mind of their own and you will never completely be able to comprehend it. But one thing that I would say I look for in a relationship is just the comfort of touch with my partner. Small gestures like holding my hand, or hugging me, cuddling, These things are the epitome of warmth, they make me feel closer to another person

  3. I am told by my husband that I always tend to create unnecessary fights and arguments; that I overthink about everything and I am hormone-imbalanced. Always this happens. I feel, if he takes out a lil more time to think from my end about these situations, then he wouldn’t say the same.So, lack of interest in understanding me, and the usual prejudiced way of thinking of a woman is what I feel is the reason for such labellings attached to women.

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