17 Perfect Gifts For Your Aries Partner

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Updated On: July 28, 2023
perfect gift for aries

You have no idea how blessed you are to have an Aries partner (or a dear friend) by your side. Life with Aries people is full of sheer excitement and thrill. Independent, creative, risk-taker, passionate – you name an admirable quality and it fits with the personality traits of this radical fire sign. So, we can totally relate when somebody says finding gifts for Aries partner is not a walk in the park. 

The very first cardinal sign of the zodiac calendar (March 21 – April 19), Aries people bring the vibrance of Spring with them. Being ruled by Mars – the planet of action, desire, energy, and aggression – the rams are living embodiments of burning confidence, bold leadership skill, and optimism. Nothing can hold back this unstoppable life force from jumping headfirst into any challenge that comes their way. 

Your perfect gift for Aries has to match their high-end energy and strength. Before you give up and go with a basic home decor piece from Target, we are here to support you through this quest with heart-winning Aries gift ideas. Stay with us till the end, and you will leave happy with a great choice to surprise your favorite ram. 

Gift Ideas For The Aries In Your Life – Gifts For Him And Her

Let’s go through the exceptional aspects of Aries personality before landing on our wholesome gift idea. You know, the rams are powered by a go-getter attitude – very clear in their head, always approaching any obstacle dauntlessly. Aries are born leaders. They are here to conquer the world with their creative energy and action-oriented mindset. 

As you can figure out, there is absolutely no scope for dullness in your Aries gift ideas. Bring in all the colors, flashy patterns, and sensational quotes. So, come on, let’s pick our favorite gifts for Aries.

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1. Travelers’ globe

aries gift ideas - travelers' globe

Remember, Aries are explorers from the core of their hearts. You should definitely travel more with your partner because roaming around the world with an Aries mate is an adventure in itself. On that note, we have found one of the most befitting gifts for Aries globetrotters. This traditional travelers’ globe will be food for their wanderlust. Now, you can flaunt all the places you have visited on this world map and keep a track of your upcoming ventures.

  • Beautifully crafted, premium cork globe
  • Very clear picture of the countries to spot them easily
  • Comes with 100 different colored push pins to mark on the globe
  • Minimalistic stainless steel stand to place it comfortably on a tabletop

2. Roller skates

perfect gift for aries - roller skates

Aries are all for speed and thrill. They are the classic adrenaline junkies of the zodiac world. In case you are on the lookout for unique Aries birthday gift ideas, a pair of roller skates is no doubt your best shot. Just check out the funky design and the flashy wheels! I bet your partner didn’t know they wanted these skates their whole life until receiving this astonishing gift from you. 

  • Wheels are made of molded polyurethane material  – very sturdy and safe
  • Perfect for people of all genders, both design and quality-wise 
  • Ecological premium faux leather makes it highly durable
  • Ideal for beginners and learners 

3. Colorful jigsaw puzzle

aries gift ideas - jigsaw puzzle

As we were discussing earlier, Aries have a vibrant personality. The more colors you can bring into their life, the better. Exactly why we think that this romantic jigsaw puzzle in a gorgeous palette is tailor-made for Aries gift ideas. You get to spend quality time with your partner solving it and your prize is the view of two lovers standing in the streets of Paris, the city of love, on a rainy day. 

  • Beautiful graphics and good finishing
  • It contains 750 puzzle pieces made of recyclable paperboard
  • ‘Perfect snap’ advanced technology ensures the pieces interlock tightly
  • You get the picture poster to use as a reference

4. Personalized night sky map

aries birthday gift ideas - personalized night sky map

Out of so many gifts for Aries, what could be the most apt choice for your first anniversary? When it comes to special occasions like an anniversary or a birthday, personalized gifts make a greater impact on your loved ones. So, why don’t you take a look at this night sky map art? You would like it even more when you learn about the customization options that will make this present unique for the two of you. 

  • Add your personalized text, a place name, and a date to make any event in your relationship memorable
  • Materials include smooth matte paper and navy blue archival ink
  • The starry sky is designed accurately by a professional astronomy software
  • Comes in the size of 8in x 10in

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5. Meditation kit

perfect gift for aries - meditation kit

You know how your Aries partner always loves to be on the move, pursuing career goals, and materializing their passions. Sometimes, it’s important to remind them to take a pause and breathe. When you see your partner rushing too fast, hold their hands and ask them to go easy, to be gentle with themselves. And, what could be more calming than a mindful session of meditation? Go with this zen garden kit as a gift for Aries to lighten the pressure off their head. 

  • Rustic Japanese shrine altar for yoga and meditation
  • Divided into 3 grids to hold natural elements to aid your meditation journey
  • It features a natural bamboo rake, stones, white sand, incense tools, cherry blossoms, and a yogi figurine in the middle
  • Beautiful packaging with zen art, suitable for gift-giving purposes

6. Ram head ring 

aries gift ideas - ram head ring

Looking for some uber-cool gifts for Aries man, are you? Perhaps this time you should get a present featuring the Aries mascot, ram. If your boyfriend is a fearless soul, a biker maybe, this gothic punk ring will totally complement his personality. Trust me, you are going to cherish the smile on his face when he receives this gift from his sweetheart. 

  • Made of solid stainless steel 
  • Strong, heavy, rust-proof
  • For a comfortable fit, choose your size out of a wide range
  • Hypoallergenic material suitable for all skin tones

7. Diamonds are great gifts for Aries woman

aries birthday gift ideas - diamond pendant

Diamond is the primary Aries birthstone. It represents wisdom, clarity, and truth, just like your headstrong fiery partner! Aries women in love set the bar of expectations really high. They are caring and in search of true love. So, when the time comes for you to return the appreciation, diamonds could be your best friends. She came like an angelic spirit in your life, right? Tell her that with this stunning wings pendant.

  • Sterling silver necklace studded with black and white diamonds
  • Conflict-free diamonds, complied with the Kimberley process
  • Specially treated diamonds to enhance their appearance and durability
  • Comes with a Rolo chain and lobster-claw clasp

8. Dream catchers

perfect gift for aries - dream catcher

Aries are ever busy chasing their dreams. If you want one of the most perfect gifts for Aries which is symbolic on many levels, we have a gem of a choice for you. Get your hands on this evil eye dream catcher to protect your loved one from bad dreams and negative energy. We can tell, you only wish good luck, health, and happiness for them. A dream catcher will go a long way to make this statement loud and clear. 

  • Eye-catching design, inspired by tribal ethnic art
  • Handcrafted from eco-friendly and super soft macrame cord
  • Use it as a statement wall decor in the bedroom or drawing room
  • Metal base structure ensures longevity 

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9. Gourmet gift basket

aries gift ideas - gift basket

When you are dating an Aries man or a woman, you should know they love to be celebrated. As you come up with small meaningful gestures and cute little Aries gift ideas every now and then, your partner will fall hopelessly in love with you. Send them some love with this wholesome gift basket of mouth-watering British treats and wait by your phone for a lovey-dovey call real soon!

  • It is curated by Britain’s top food critics
  • Includes a wide variety of British specialty sweets, cheese, crackers, and biscuits
  • You also get Britain’s finest highland blend black tea 
  • Nicely hand-packed by experienced food experts

10. Rope sling bag 

perfect gift for aries - rope sling bag

So, I have an Aries friend who can hardly stay at home for more than a month. She is always out exploring new places, going on hikes and camping trips. Recently she showed me this cute little sling bag her partner got her to carry all her essentials more efficiently. That’s when it struck me, “Wow, these simple yet functional bags make such splendid gifts for Aries.” Care to give it a try?

  • It includes 2 vertical zipper compartments and added cellophane pockets at the front
  • Made of high-quality polyester material
  • Cross-body strap is ideal for outdoor adventurers
  • Sleek and light design 

11. Motivational journal 

aries gift ideas - motivational journal

So, let me guess, you have crossed off all the signs that an Aries man is in love with you. Now, you want to make a difference with a thoughtful present to lead him to finally confess his feelings. We have brought to you just the right gift for Aries man that shows how much you care and that you will stand by them through thick and thin. Gift him this guided journal for relieving stress and anxiety and spread some positive energy in his life. 

  • Beautifully illustrated journal of 239 pages
  • It contains daily journaling pages and habit trackers
  • The journal is filled with self-care ideas and mindfulness tips
  • Pages to reflect on your therapy sessions and record your progress

12. Honeysuckle candles 

perfect gift for aries - candle

Did you know there are two pretty flowers associated with the Aries sign? As honeysuckle is one of them, a fragrant candle of this floral scent makes sense as an Aries birthday gift idea. Lighten up your couples spa evenings at home with the warmth and essence of this amazing candle. If you need more ideas for gifts for Aries woman, grab one of these without thinking too much. 

  • Minimalist design with an ornamental finish
  • This hand-poured candle is made of soy wax and honeysuckle jasmine essential oil
  • Burning time is around 40 hours
  • It is non-toxic, 100% vegan, and sustainable

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13. Terraforming Mars board game 

aries gift ideas - board game

I am sure board game battles are one of the fun things you do with your boyfriend at home. Here’s your chance to bring some variety into your staple board games and introduce Terraforming Mars to him. If you are both into action-packed resource-building games that entail a lot of strategies, then this game is going to be a huge success as a gift for Aries man. Let me drop some added information to make it more exciting for you – Aries are ruled by the red planet Mars named after the Roman God of war. So, is it meant to be or what?

  • Quite an elaborate game with over 200 projects to be completed
  • Players get to expand their territories and eventually colonize Mars
  • Better played with 2-5 players
  • Exceptionally graphic game board and cards 
  • Comes with a thorough rule book

14. Aries charm bracelet

aries birthday gift ideas - aries charm bracelet

You will hardly ever come across a person in your life who doesn’t love fancy beads bracelets. Be it gifts for Aries woman or man, this hand-woven delightful bracelet won’t fail you either way. You know what makes it even more significant in our current context? The charm on this bracelet features the Aries zodiac symbol! Check it out:

  • A fine mingling of lava rock and tiger eye gemstones
  • The stainless steel charm has a diameter of 18mm 
  • Adjustable bracelet to fit most wrist sizes
  • Natural materials make each piece uniquely different from another 

15. Aries constellation blanket 

perfect gift for aries - aries blanket

Aries are hands down, the pros at cuddling. Once you have experienced soft hugs from your loving partner, it will be hard to leave that sweet spot. You can take my word for it as I say, zodiac sign constellation blankets are simply mind-boggling as Aries birthday gift ideas. Especially if you look forward to cozy winter date nights every year. This flannel blanket will make it all the more warm and fuzzy.

  • Super fine microfiber plush material 
  • Lightweight blanket that won’t fall off or ball easily
  • Soft and breathable – good for all seasons
  • You don’t need to worry about it fading or shrinking 

16. Wine glass

aries gift ideas - wine glass

When you are desperately looking for gifts for Aries partner, you can never go wrong with wine glasses. Tell me, what are your thoughts on this stunning stemless wine glass personalized with the Aries constellation, symbol, and date range? Let alone wine, this piece of barware is a delight to drink from no matter which cocktail recipe you try with your partner

  • Lead-free premium crystal glass
  • Wider bottom to make the glass more durable
  • Best to wash with hands to keep its quality intact
  • Unique design for your unique Aries partner

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17. Aries neon sign

perfect gift for aries - aries neon sign

We would love to wrap up this list with one of the most perfect gifts for Aries. If you and your dear one are into horoscopes, they will be thrilled to receive this Aries sign neon light! And why won’t they? It will instantly brighten up the room where you install this. Next time you are having an intimate dinner at home, try its glowy vibe to set the romantic mood lighting. Rest assured, you won’t be disappointed. 

  • The backboard is made of a clear polystyrene plate
  • This neon tube is soft yet unbreakable
  • Safe, environmental-friendly, and durable
  • No issues of any humming noise or overheating

With that, ends our extensive catalog of gifts for Aries. We can only hope that you have found your winner from these 17 Aries gift ideas. At the end of the day, you know your Aries partner the best and the things they love dearly. Trust your instinct and make a choice. We don’t doubt that it will be an instant hit with your partner. 

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