If He Loves You He Will Come Back No Matter What!

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Updated On: May 21, 2024
if he loves you he will come back

If he loves you, he will come back no matter what! Yes, it’s as true as it gets. The magnetic pull of attraction, love, and yearning is so strong that you just can’t stay away from someone you love. If there is genuine care and mutual love from both sides, then he is probably waiting for the right opportunity to enter your life again. Will an ex come back if he loves you? Well, like we said, true love always has a habit of coming back.

But it’s agonizing to sit lonely, waiting for him to come to his senses. You love him and you don’t know where to look for the spiritual signs he will come back and ease your anxious mind. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back during this stressful time. Read along and find out some of the signs he loves you and wants to come back.

If He Loves You He Will Come Back No Matter What! What’s Your Situation Like? 

Noelle Nelson, psychologist and author, suggests in this study, “Since your relationship didn’t work out the first time, something has to change to make it work the second time around. Otherwise, the same conflicts that caused so much trouble will re-emerge. Each partner has to understand and be willing to work on whatever caused the breakup in the first place.” 

If you don’t figure out why he left you, then you will never be able to find out how to rectify your mistakes or confront the ones he made. When a guy pulls away, there are various reasons for it. Listed below are some instances that could have made him feel like this relationship was too much for him to handle. 

1. You tried to “fix” him 

Isn’t it always easier to look at other people’s flaws and judge them for their shortcomings? Perhaps you did this to your boyfriend and he didn’t like it. When you were together, did you always talk about his mistakes and tell him how he could become a better person? If this is something you often did, then he probably felt suffocated in the relationship and decided to walk out.

You need to know one person can never change another. Everyone is different and that’s each person’s superpower. You just have to understand how you and your partner can live together without each other’s inadequacies creating a wall between the two of you. 

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2. He left because the relationship was codependent 

Will he come back? Not if the relationship was codependent and everything became one-sided. Such a relationship can never work. One person can’t let go of their wishes, needs, and happiness just to see the other person get their needs fulfilled. If you relied heavily on him, he must have felt burdened and that’s why he left. Perhaps it was the other way around. He made you responsible for his happiness and you just couldn’t take it anymore. Here are some signs to help you figure out if it was a codependent relationship

  • You always felt like he didn’t deserve you, but couldn’t let go of him either
  • You made him responsible for your happiness and unhappiness, or he did the same with you
  • Perhaps he realized he was being overly dependent on you and decided to take a step back to heal
  • You or he have low self-esteem
  • There were no healthy boundaries in your relationship 

3. The two of you were just casually dating 

Savannah, a 26-year-old woman from Ohio, says, “I want to know if you are meant to be with someone, will they come back? Because my boyfriend and I dated for three months. We didn’t talk about exclusive dating even though I am madly in love with him. I gave him hints that I was ready to commit but he didn’t catch any of those signs. Perhaps that was deliberate because he didn’t want to commit.” 

If there were no talks of commitment and no monogamy agreement between the two of you, then this could be one of the reasons that he didn’t think twice before leaving you. He doesn’t know about your feelings yet. If you really want him back, then you can reach out to him and convey your feelings – clearly, this time. 

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4. His ex came back 

He left because his ex came back. You can’t do anything here. Your friends are right if they advise you to let him go to hell. He clearly never stopped loving his ex when he was with you. Why bother with someone like that? Here are some signs he was never over his ex that you probably didn’t detect:

  • He never told you how the two of them broke up
  • His phone was filled with their pictures 
  • He was active on his ex’s social media posts, but hardly interacted with yours 
  • He compared you to his ex sometimes 
  • He never really opened up to you emotionally 

5. He thought you aren’t compatible enough 

“If he loves me why does he stay away?” Because he thinks the two of you aren’t compatible enough to have a long-term relationship. When the initial attraction and chemistry phase fades, it’s compatibility that holds a relationship. Perhaps he never thought you were compatible enough to be his romantic partner.

Compatibility includes personal views, interests, religious and spiritual beliefs, goals, insights, and ideologies. When you don’t have much in common with your partner, the relationship is soon going to feel forced. 

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11 Definite Signs He Will Come Back If He Loves You

Signs He Will Come Back If He Loves You

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen, one of the most adored couples, took a break in 2007. The All Of Me singer said that he was really stressed and busy and wanted to take a break. That break lasted for less than a day. This right here is the definition of true love. If he is the John Legend to your Chrissy Teigen, then he will come back no matter what! However, it’s always the waiting period that tests a person’s patience more than anything else. So, it’s time you stop wallowing in sadness, and look out for these signs that will assure you he is going to come back:

1. He contacts you frequently

This is one of the sureshot ways to tell if he will return or not. Some exes initiate contact to check on their ex, to find out if they are doing well after a breakup because there is genuine care between them. However, if he has been frequently contacting you, then it’s one of the signs he loves you and will come back no matter what.

2. He is curious about your life 

There’s a fine line between asking someone how they are doing and being actively curious about their life. He is suddenly asking about your friends, your pet, and your parents. He is even curious about your job. This is one of the signs he is lonely and is trying to see if you are still interested in him by building a conversation.

3. He wants to know if you are dating someone 

When an ex is becoming inquisitive about your love life, it’s one of the signs he will be back. He wants to see if you are single so he can ask you out on a date. Here are some other things he will do to find out if you are single or taken:

  • He will check your social media posts 
  • He will ask your friends if you’re single
  • He will still be in contact with your siblings to know what’s happening in your life

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4. He will try to make you jealous 

Andrea, an entrepreneur from New York, asks Bonobology, “When a guy leaves you for another girl will he come back? He is posting pictures with her. He met her after we stopped dating but I still like him.” 

If he left you for his ex, then he may not come back. However, if this is someone he just started dating, then he will come back – if he is just trying to make you feel jealous. If he hasn’t blocked you yet, then it’s clear he either wants to upset you or wants you to make the first move. If you notice some of the other signs on this list in his behavior as well, then he’s definitely hoping to get you back by making you jealous. 

5. He is always ready to help you 

If he loves you he will come back no matter what. And coming to your rescue whenever you are in trouble is one of the biggest spiritual signs he will come back, as he clearly still has feelings for you. Let’s say, the two of you parted ways a couple of months back, but he is still ready to help you out in every way. Why? Because it’s true love. 

Let us give you another example. The real-life love story of Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel that’s no less than a fairy tale. The couple started dating in the year 2007 and took a break two years later. They reconnected after a relationship break and had an on-again-off-again relationship till the year 2012 when they tied the knot. And guess what? They recently renewed their vows too. So, yes. If you are meant to be with someone, the entire universe will conspire in helping you achieve that.

6. He is talking about the good old days

Remember the time we went to the zoo and fed the giraffe? Remember how we binge-watched The Crown in one night? By reminiscing about the good times, he is giving you a clear indication that he misses having fun with you. If he brings up the happy memories every time the two of you talk, it’s one of the obvious signs he still loves you and wants to come back. 

7. He is sorry about the breakup 

George, a 28-year-old med student from Chicago, asks Bonobology, “If you are meant to be with someone will they come back after the breakup?” Yes. If your boyfriend is suddenly apologetic about the events that led to the breakup, then it’s one of the signs he wants to reconcile. If you feel the same way about it, then you can apologize for your part as well and give this relationship another chance

8. He leans on you for support 

He used to rely on you for support when the two of you were together. Now that you have broken up, why is he still looking for your shoulder to cry on? His need for emotional support from you is one of the signs he still finds you comforting and wants to come back into your life. If you truly want him back, then this is your chance to express genuine care. 

Is he still drunk-texting you and using alcohol as an excuse to flirt with you? It’s one of the signs your ex is falling for you again. Maybe he got drunk and started going through the pictures in his gallery. This prompted him to text you and pour his heart out. Perhaps he still has feelings for you. If you are in the same boat, then flirt back with him over text or in person and see if he’s willing to reconcile. 

Sal, a 22-year-old law intern from Los Angeles, shares, “Is my ex slowly coming back? He keeps texting me when he’s drunk. He tries to flirt with me. He also sends flirty snaps. He’s still single. I am seeing someone else, but I am thinking about breaking up with him and getting back together with my ex.”

on complicated relationship

9. His body language screams that he still loves you

Pay close attention to his body language when he is interacting with you. It is one of the biggest indicators that if he loves you he will come back no matter what. Before he confesses to you, these body language signs will speak volumes of his love toward you: 

  • He often touches you in a non-sexual way
  • He won’t take his eyes off you
  • When you’re together, he will mirror your body language
  • One of the male body language signs of attraction is when he seems happy and cheerful when you are around
  • He will give you his undivided attention even with the way he positions his body toward you

10. He is having a hard time after the breakup

If he is lonely, shows signs of sadness, and is struggling to cope with the breakup, then it’s evident he is having a hard time letting you go or perhaps he doesn’t want to let you go at all. When he realizes you are the only one he wants to be with, he will come running back to you. Here are some signs he is not ready to let you go:

  • He keeps asking if you want to hang out with him 
  • He frequently checks up on you to see how you are doing after the breakup 
  • He says he is proud of you
  • He constantly reassures you that he will try to make it work if he gets another chance 

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11. He asks if you can give him a second chance

This is one of the no-nonsense signs he loves you and will come back no matter what. He will either ask you for a casual meet-up or he will directly ask you out on a date. He will take accountability for his part in the break up and he will promise you that he will not hurt you again. 

Key Pointers

  • One of the signs he loves you and wants to come back is when he talks about the happy times and is sorry about the breakup
  • When he relies on you for all the fundamentals of support including emotional and intellectual support, it means he still finds solace in you and wants to come back
  • If he keeps trying to make you feel jealous, it’s one of the signs he loves you and will come back no matter what


1. How long can a man stay away from the woman he loves?

Not long. He will take his time to assess the breakup and find out what went wrong. Once he realizes you are the one for him and he won’t get anyone like you, he will come back. 

2. Can true love leave and come back?

Yes. There are situations that happen in one’s life that make them leave the person they love. However, when they realize how important their ex is to them, they come back. It’s like they say: When you love someone, set them free. If they come back, they are yours. 

3. What keeps a man coming back to you?

He will come back to you when he finds you compatible, compassionate, honest, and supportive. He will keep coming back when you are appreciative of him and make sure his physical and emotional needs are being met. So, think about whether he fulfills your needs as well, and if you want him back as your partner.

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