21 Gifts Ideas For College Girls [Updated List For This Christmas]

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Updated On: November 8, 2023

Getting a gift for college girl is not an easy task. You need to consider her personality and likings before choosing particular gifts. Of course, the gift range would vary according to the individual. Like, if she is a fashionista then you select some cosmetic range.

On the other hand, if she loves to explore gadgets then your findings would be different. On the whole, you need to research and experiment on different types of gifts. But, in case you are baffled with what to choose exactly, then we are here to guide you with 21 gifts for college girls. Just go through them and prepare your gift list at once.

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1. Sloth Ring Holder

Sloth Ring Holder

You cannot choose any ordinary gift for a college-going girl, ensure that you put in some spark in that gift. Like, last time you selected a ring holder for your niece. Though it sounds ordinary it was not actually because the ring holder was designed on top of a sloth. The best is that you can place this anywhere you want to keep. Say for example if you are in the washroom; simply tuck the rings and keep the sloth ring holder on the washbasin. Now suppose you are in your room then place it on the dressing table or the bedside table.

Your surprise you can use the same ring holder as a showpiece as well my simply keeping it upside down. Now talking about the color it is a warm brown. Are you worried about longevity, well don’t worry because this will serve you for a long time?

2. Fruit Infuser Bottle

Fruit infuser
Fruit Infuser Bottle

A girl who has just stepped into her college would be more particular about her health and figure. Therefore, to stay fit and slim she will always resort to a healthy food source. Like, adding juice to her diet daily. So as a good wisher you thought to present your 19 years college-going daughter a fruit infuser bottle. It is made from high-quality material provided with a sealed cap made from silicone.

Certainly, being made from high standard Tritan plastic it turns out safe for your body. Are you worried about whether you can wash it in the dishwasher or not? If so, then you should know yes the infuser bottle is perfectly safe for the dishwasher. Apart from this, you should be happier that this bottle is a budget-friendly purchase as well. It is because you can get this for $15.99.

3. Ohio Homesick Scented Candle 

Scented Candle
Homesick Scented Candle

You know her from childhood that she has a fetish for aromatic possession. That is why this time on her 18th birthday you as her elder brother decided to give her a scented candle from Ohio. You know she is a homebody and loves to spend time at home. Therefore, this Homesick candle would be the right gift for her. Talking about the material used for preparing this note that, natural soy wax was the primary material that was being used to design the candle.

As you know this is an aromatic candle so the combined aromas of carnations, musk, sage, orange, and sweet melon create the right odor. Certainly, the smell will give you the best vibes especially when you are back from college after a tiring day.

4. Inkless Water Drawing Board From Aovoa

Inkless water drawing board
Water Drawing Board

Your sister is a passionate painter so whenever she gets time she loves to spend time with brush and colors. Therefore, you thought about given her an inkless water board for painting on her birthday. It is unique in items of concept. With the single stroke of the brush, your sister will be able to etch a story on the drawing board. Note that the color finish appears to be smooth and no foul odor emanates out of it.

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Using the whole set is very hassle-free as you don’t require any special skill of handling it. If you want, you can consider this as a decorative piece as well. To make it stand out you can decorate it on the study table. Each time you look at the image it will relax your mind and declutter your thoughts and make you feel happy.

5. College Memory Book

College Memory Book
College Memory Book

Memories create happiness and an opportunity to travel back to the bygone days. This time your best friend gifted you a memory book. So that you can pen down the best memories of your college days in a single line. The simple yet pretty looking college memory book tells you to write one line each week. Obviously, with the completion of four years of college, you will have this full memory book filled with your own stories.

Coming back to the design, of the memory book, note that it starts from August so you can write accordingly from that month and mention your one-liner as suggested following week 1, 2, and so on. Overall you will get 124 pages so you can have your 124 memories piled together in a single place. Talking about the price it is not that pricey as you can have this gift for your friend at $7.99.

6. Canvas Tote Bag From Kate Spade New York 

Tote Bag
Canvas Tote Bag

As a college student, you love to nestle on things that would telltale you as a person. That’s is why when your mother asked for the type of gift that you expect from her you reluctantly mentioned the tote bag. The tote bag is a true style maker, the tall look of the bag accentuates the appeal of the carrier to the manifold. It is a white colored bag with an image of multiple colored books piled one upon one other.

The best is that these imprinted books showcase the titles of popular novels as well. Elaborating on the design, you will see that the tote bag comes with two durable straps that are enough tolerant to stress. Also, you can put on comfortably without straining your shoulder. Apart from that, this one is budget-friendly as you can pick it for $ 28.

7. Pamella Ellgen 5 Ingredients College Cookbook 

College Cook Book
College Cook Book

You are in the first year of your college and three more years to go. You still remember how tasty and delicious your mother used to cook. She used to pour her unconditional love and that’s what made the food tastier. But being a college-going girl you hardly had no time to cook. Also, space and money are crucial factors to consider. So to relieve you from all these hassles an aunt of yours presented you with this 5 ingredient cookbook by Pamela Ellgen.

These are easy to follow recipes that will ensure that the food turns out tastier and healthier in no time. The best is that anyone can try the recipes without any issue as these won’t require an experienced hand.

8. Six-Seven Alarm Keychain

Six Seven Key chain
Alarm Keychain

Your daughter stays away from you as a paying guest due to her college. Therefore, as parents, it worries you a lot. So to ensure that she is safe you thought to give her a personal keychain with an inbuilt alarm. This alarm when pressed can generate a sound to 130 decibels. Note that the sound is sharp and to be precise, this is a multi-dimensional key chain which one can use as a flashlight as well as a mini light.

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You can use this portable keychain for immediate lighting. Remember it comes with a battery back up of 12v and you have to replace the battery once it stops working. The best part is that you can even flaunt with the keychain by tucking that on the lady’s bag, suitcase, backpack, and belt. Hence, this is both a functional and stylish gift for your daughter.

9. Valery’s Lined Refillable Journal For Women

Refillable Notebook
Journal For Women

Being a college girl you like to summarise your everyday happenings in your journal notebook. The write-up, in a nutshell, will serve as the best memoir once you pass out. This vintage cover is made of faux leather and the brown color adds a classy touch to it. Moreover, the cover comes with a wire which you can use to tie up the cover. And this will help you keep the notes and additional papers organized.

Moving on to the specification, remember that this stylish and handy notebook has 96 pages including 185 lined pages. Therefore, this is a multipurpose journal notebook with a cover that you can use both as a creativity pad to jot down your feelings as well as use the same for penning college notes.

10. Besteamer Photo Clip Lights

Photo Clips
Photo Clip Lights

Are you looking for a decorative item for your college-going niece? If yes, then you can try this photo clip from Besteamer. It comes with 30 led lights that emit white color which adds lots of warmth to the room. To give that elegant touch to your room you can simply hang this string of lights with photo clips on the wall or top of the Christmas tree. No doubt the whole idea will exaggerate the appeal of her room.

Don’t worry about how to install because you can do that easily and powering the strings is also hassle-free. It is because the lights come with in-built AA batteries. Certainly, you can use these lights to add a mild glare during the night time. Else just light up to set your festive mood. By adding photos of near ones you get a chance to compose your memories collectively.

11. Jewelry Case 

Jewellery Case
Jewellery Case

She is pretty, smart, and organized. Yes, these are the words you always use to describe your girlfriend. Now she is in the second year and will be completing her college graduation within 2 years. So you want to gift her something that will relate to her traits. Thinking of that you thought to gift her a jewelry case. From the arrays of colors, you selected the case with imprinted words such as be pretty. The case was in royal blue color and each of the embossed words on the case described her to the tee.

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Now talking about the jewelry case, it has 4 sections for keeping the chains and 7 assorted sections defined for placing the rings. On the other end, there are some more places for hooking the earrings. Therefore, this will help her to keep jewelry organized and neat.

12. Miscellaneous Bramble Gift Box 

Bramble Gift Box
Bramble Gift Box

A college girl needs too many things to manage her day to day lifestyle. So as a brother, you thought that this year on your sister’s birthday you are going to get a miscellaneous gift box for her. This box will excite her to the fullest as it has her favorite succulent plant of 2.5 inches along with a planter. Next comes the hair scarf in blue with floral prints. To let her pamper the skin a rose gold facial mask is also added in the box.

Besides that, an emergency make-up kit with items such as nail file, lotion, sanitizer, make-up removing wipes, lip balm, etc are also incorporated. A roller ball made of essential oil that emits the aroma of vanilla and lime is also packed in the box which will bestow her with relief.

13. Body Soapbox

Body Soap Box
Body Soap Box

Are you searching for a perfect gift for your daughter who is in college now? If yes, then you should try the handmade bath soap kit. After a search, you got the same box and it consists of the bath soap made from the concoction of lavender essential oil, coconut oil, and olive oil. In addition to that, the presence of the lip balm prepared from aloe vera, cocoa butter, shea butter moisturizes the lip intensely.

In addition to all these, the lavender soy wax candle for relaxing, and bath bombs from rose petal and orange uplifts the significance of the gift to many times. Therefore you can always consider this as one of the best gifts for college girls. 

14. Charming Bracelet 

Charming Bracelet
Charming Bracelet

These days you are particularly researching the jewelry liked by college going girls. Alike others, your sister loves to wear a bracelet on her wrist. That is why you thought to gift her an eye-catching hand-finished bracelet. The beauty is that it is not crafted from the machine. If you want to you can even make it personalized by adding a birthstone as well.

Talking about the size, it is flexible and would sit on any wrist comfortably. On top of that, the rose gold color would be there for a long time and there is no possibility of facing because it is designed from high standard stainless steel. Hopefully, she will like to flaunt the bracelet everyday casuals.

15. Texas Southern University Girl Shirt

Texas Girl Tshirt
Texas Girl Shirt

Personalize gifts always highlight it’s own set of stories and show the feelings a person holds for you. Your boyfriend loves you from the bottom of his heart so he thought to present you with a memorable gift which is specially referred to as suitable gifts for college girls. Coming to the most it is a simple brown-colored t-shirt for girls.

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The imprinted words in glitter and the shimmery maroon face will dazzle your eyes. No doubt your smart and stylish girlfriend will embrace the gift with love.

16. House Slipper

House Slipper
House Slipper

All that you can always remember about your daughter is that she loves to have comfortable and minimalist things in her life. This year she enrolled in her college so as a father you thought that there should be something that should make her happy from the heart. Thinking of that you decided to gift her a new set of house slippers.

It is a warm white-colored made from 100 percent synthetic and the use of memory foam added cushiony warmth to the slipper. The other side of the slipper is textured and it offers a firm grip on the floor so you don’t have to get scared of tripping down. Again this is one of the simple and functional gifts for college girls. 

17. Vintage Crossbody Bag 

Cross Body bag
Vintage Crossbody Bag

College girls count on certain accessories to accentuate their statement and the crossbody bag is one of them. Therefore, you as an elder brother thought to get a tanned brown-colored crossbody bag for your sister. It is made from high-quality cotton canvas. Talking about the stitching, that is perfectly fine and the leather trimming from cowhide makes it more enduring.

The bag comes with big sized compartments so you can say that it is a perfect example of style and comfort. Moreover, the adjustable strap is easy to carry on your shoulder.

18. Digital Alarm Clock 

Digital Alarm Clock
Digital Alarm Clock

Simple and easy things always draw the attention of the user and so does happen with your daughter. Therefore this year on her birthday you thought to surprise her with a digital alarm clock. It is an ideal gift for college going girls like her. Coming to the features, the dual alarm setting option both for weekdays and weekends is superb.

On top of that, the ascending alarm volume is cool which means, in the beginning, it will sound slow, and gradually the sound will increase. Apart from the readable led light in green is quite fascinating as well. No doubt your daughter will love this sophisticated yet simple gift from you.

19. Nutrivana Essential Oil

Essential Oil
Nutrivana Essential Oil

Life has stress and especially when you are a student like pursuing higher degrees in college you need to bear lots of workloads. Therefore to make your life cool and relaxing your mother got an idea to gift you an essential oil. The essential oil is made from the concoction of basil, coconut oil, rosemary, lemon, etc.

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The best is that it is odor-free and non-sticky. Moreover, the transparent color is also quite soothing to the eyes. So go ahead and have this particular one at a pocket-friendly price for $ 14.95.

20. Flour Throw Blanket 

Flour Throw Blanket

Are you looking for a functional gift for your niece? If yes then you can present her with this flour shaped 71 inches throw blanket. It is made from great quality fleece which offers both warmth and comfort.

The blanket is good for the skin because it is dyed with environmentally friendly products. Also, fabric like flannel has been used to weave the blanket which ensures the blanket is quite healthier for the skin as well. Therefore, without any second thought just get this blanket at a price for $18.99.

21. Feskin Laptop Backpack

Laptop Bag
Fleskin Laptop Bagpack

You have your cousin sister who just joined a college for her graduation. You are quite happy for her so as a congratulatory choose a chic, durable and sturdy laptop backpack for her. It is indeed great to have this one because of the quality. Note that the bag is made from top-notch nylon 600 d fabric. On top of that, it is resistant to scratch, wear, and tear. Also, the bag is made in such a way that it can stay resilient to water as well.

Now talking about the spaciousness of the bag, your cousin sister will love to see that all total there are 6 compartments and each space is designated for holding specific items. In addition to this backpack, there are some more to surprise her in the box. She will be startled to see an external USB charger and charging cable.

For those who are searching for the best gifts for college girls can surely follow our above-mentioned list. Choose any of the products because all of them come with a guarantee. On top of that, they are handpicked considering the taste of the college-going girls. So please daughter, sister, her friend, cousin, neighbor or a random crush. Go grab these gifts Now!

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