13 Gifts For Gay Men – Gift Ideas For Gay Boyfriend And Husband

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Updated On: March 22, 2024
gifts for gay men

Look, we understand your partner has impeccable taste in selecting products for themselves and you. And that you can’t figure out how you’re ever going to find a gift without resorting to those formulaic presents. Don’t you worry, because you’re at the right place! We’ve compiled the best gifts for gay men here that are certain to surprise and bring joy. Not only will you find a variety of great gift ideas for gay men to choose from, but these ideas might even unleash something altogether new and creative inside you.

Creative Gifts For Gay Men

Whether you’re looking for some cool wedding gifts for gay male couples or searching for a unique anniversary present, we’ve got you covered. These gifts can be presented on any occasion and day, and you can gift them without a moment’s hesitation, because that’s how amazing they are. From DNA testing kits to funky alarm clocks, these unique gift ideas for gay men will make your partner love you a little more. And as they say, a gift to your partner is a gift to self, you know what I mean? *wink wink*

1. 23andMe DNA test membership bundle

gay gifts for him - 23andMe DNA test membership bundle

This is easily one of the most creative gifts for gay men you can find. Surprise your partner with a gift that will not only help them with researching their ancestry in a precise and efficient manner, but also provide insights using DNA data that can help him lead a more active lifestyle. All of us are curious when it comes to our identities and the different ways they impact and shape us. 
With this gift that just collects your saliva to provide information, you can satiate that curiosity to a large extent, with premium facilities and comprehensive test results that are delivered throughout the year. The 23AndMe + Genetic DNA Test Premium Membership Bundle is the gift that keeps on giving, with cool features such as family trees and unique traits, the reports are fun to explore as well. All the information obtained through this test is encrypted to maintain optimal privacy. This present will show your partner how much you care for his well being and health, not to mention the uniqueness of the very concept.

  • Provides more than 170 specific genetic reports
  • Service can be upgraded to FDA approved health reports whenever you want
  • Comes with 1 year of premium membership

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2. Jillmo whiskey decanter set

wedding gifts for gay male couples - Jillmo whiskey decanter set

When it comes to wedding gifts for gay male couples, not many gifts can compete with a premium whiskey set such as this. It comes with two vintage-looking crystal glasses that ensure a pleasurable drinking experience. The set can be brought out for any occasion and used for any alcoholic drink, be it whiskey or wine. The glass ship inside the decanter gives it a unique, classy touch and really sets it apart, making it stand out in any collection. Whether he’s a whiskey aficionado or not, he’s sure to appreciate this gorgeous decanter set. And what more, you two can have a beautiful, romantic night with conversations and plenty of whiskey.

  • Made of 100% safe crystal glass, completely lead-free
  • Has a 42 oz capacity, perfect for parties and festivals
  • Complete product is handmade including the stunning wooden base

3. Beard grooming kit

gay husband gifts - Beard grooming kit

Anyone who’s kept a beard at any point in their life will appreciate the hassles that come with it. And so, if your partner keeps a beard, or plans to keep it at some point, this beard kit will make for an amazing gift. It comes in a stunning package and is a great product for newbies and seasoned beard keepers alike. The shampoo is created to support rapid beard growth while also cleaning and softening it. The balm moisturizes and controls the growth of the beard whereas the oil decreases split ends and nourishes the skin. The accompanying trimming tools also help in maintaining and styling the beard. Because of the completeness of this set of products, it is easily one of the best gifts for gay men. He will undoubtedly remember you every time he uses these classic products.

  • Comes with beard shampoo, beard balm, beard oil, boar bristle beard, wooden comb, stainless steel scissors and storage bag
  • The Ultimate Beard Care ebook is also included 
  • Ingredients include tocopherol, argan oil, jojoba oil and more
  • Kit works perfectly for all types of beards

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4. Rainbow pride baseball t-shirt

best gifts for gay men - Rainbow pride baseball t-shirt

If you’re looking for colorful, comfy ideas, be it for gay husband gifts or gay boyfriend gifts, that proudly display pride and the beautiful rainbow, this simple yet attractive tee can play the part very well. The funky design is certain to catch some eyes and is suitable for both indoors and outdoors. Maybe get a matching one for yourself as well, stand out in the crowd and proudly flaunt your relationship? Plus your face will always come to his mind every time he wears this t-shirt.

  • Made of 100% cotton
  • Fabric is machine washable
  • Sleeves come up to ¾ of arm 

5. Shower steamers 

gay gifts for boyfriend - Shower steamers

Give your partner the gift of refreshing and relaxing baths with these BodyRestore Shower Steamers. Made using the concepts of aromatherapy, these shower steamers have the scent of essential oils. They are also helpful for nasal congestion relief. Vegan and paraben-free, these products are made to last for a long time, and that’s why they make such great gifts for gay men. For a premium home spa experience, this product is perfect as it helps you rejuvenate any time during the day. And can you imagine how grateful your partner will be every time he enters the shower and comes out in a relaxed state?

  • Manufactured using completely natural and organic ingredients
  • Has a shelf life of up to 6 months
  • Contains eucalyptus and mint essence
  • Pack comprises 15 shower tablet pieces, all individually wrapped

6. Jerky gift basket

gay gifts for him - Jerky gift basket

When talking about gifts for gay men, you can’t not include food! For all the partners who’re full-time foodies, this is the perfect gift to surprise them with. This contains a whole pound of snack sticks in a vintage gift bag. So not only does it satiate your palate, but is also easy on the eyes. Sausages and meat sticks are one of the best snacking options: low fat, high protein and lots of deliciousness! Made in the USA, under USDA inspection, you can’t go wrong with this product. He’ll think that you care for him and his eating habits, and it’ll make for a beautiful gift of love.

  • Includes 2 summer sausages, 10 snack sticks, 3 cheese and meat snack bundles along with 5 distinct, individually wrapped sticks
  • Old fashioned flavors such as sea salt, garlic, bacon, herbs
  • Comes with a beautiful bag

7. Portable outdoor solar power bank

gay husband gifts - Portable outdoor solar power bank

If your partner likes to spend more time outdoors than indoors, then this would be one of the best gay husband gifts you can give. This premium product can be charged using solar panels in cases of emergency which makes it a great fit for camping, hiking and similar activities. It’s compatible with most devices that charge via USB and can charge two devices simultaneously. Its dynamic protection avoids circuit complications and keeps it safe. All in all, this is a product made for rough usage in harsh terrains and a great gift for your partner. And he’ll be grateful to you every time it helps him across those outdoor hikes!

  • Made of PC, ABS and Silicone, keeping it safe from rain, shocks and dirt
  • Has a compass and 2 LED flashlights
  • Comes with a warranty of 12 months
  • Powered by a 5V adapter

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8. Hatch Restore

gift ideas for gay men - Hatch Restore

This is one of the ideal gifts for gay men, with its plethora of features and aesthetic appearance. It can be used in many ways: as a reading light, an alarm or a sound library. It can also set sleeping routines for you, and also help you relax anytime during the day. It can be operated by simple touch controls and is perfect for any setting and mood. Sleep is one of the most important aspects of our lives, and what better way to express your love for someone than to ensure they get a relaxed sleep and wake up feeling fresh and happy?

  • Can be controlled via device buttons or companion app, available on both Android and iOS
  • Comes with free trial membership of Hatch Sleep
  • Requires Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for optimal functioning

9. Real Queer America by Samantha Allen

gay gifts for boyfriend - Real Queer America by Samantha Allen

Books centering around queer communities or people often tend to be an exercise in showcasing trauma and its various types. Not with this book, however, which is why it’s one of the best gift ideas for gay men or any queer friend for that matter. Samantha Allen, a transgender reporter, travels across the conservative American states and captures the beautiful and dynamic queer communities in those regions. 

She chronicles the lives of numerous LGBTQ people across the country, who’re working for change, to reclaim their identity and to make society a more progressive place. It’s a book everyone must read, and make sure to buy a copy for both you and your partner. Or better yet, read it together and enjoy the bonding experience!

  • A source of hope and joy for a community often ostracized and demeaned
  • Paints a comprehensive and complex picture of families across a nation

10. Sunnydaze tabletop water fountain

wedding gifts for gay male couples - Sunnydaze tabletop water fountain

When looking for gifts for gay men, you might not always have an idea what he might like. And gifts like the Sunnydaze 6-Tier Stone Falls Tabletop Water Fountain are perfect for those occasions. With its aesthetic look and durable build, it’s suitable for any location in a house, especially for small spaces. The gentle sound of water falling through the six levels creates a relaxing atmosphere. It’s easy to use and move around and is fit for any house decor. When trying to find gay gifts for him, you can’t make a safer bet than this beautiful little fountain. It’ll also serve to remind him of you and your love for him every time he spots it.

  • Composed of 6 tiers
  • Made of polyresin and fiberglass making it tough and durable
  • Comes with three LED lights for illuminating

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11. Intimacy Deck by BestSelf 

best gifts for gay men - Intimacy Deck by BestSelf

Have you felt a distance between you and your partner? Or has it been just a few meetings and dates and you wish to know him better? Perhaps you’re looking for a fun game to play with him? If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, this deck might just be the perfect gift for your partner. When searching for gay gifts for him, the focus should also be on something that helps nurture intimacy and love, and this fits that criterion perfectly. It helps both of you to get to know each other better and on a deeper level which, in turn, helps in strengthening mutual love and admiration.

  • Has 150 prompts ranging across topics
  • Questions are split into six categories that you can choose from
  • Includes categories such as intimacy, past, and relationships

12. trtl pillow

gift ideas for gay men - trtl pillow

Trying to find some good, unique, functional gifts for gay men? Look no further, because, with this pillow, your partner will never again have a sore neck or uncomfortable sleep while traveling. The pillow keeps the head in an ergonomically suitable position and is also very comfortable. From the outset, it looks like a scarf so you don’t need to worry about any weird glances from your co-passengers. It’s always ready to use and is therefore particularly helpful for those who travel often. And your partner will love that you care for such specific aspects of his life!

  • Comes in four different colors: red, gray, coral and black
  • Made of polyester
  • Easy to attach to backpack or luggage
  • Weighs a mere half-pound, hence easy to carry and use

13. IRON °FLASK Sports Water Bottle

gay husband gifts - IRON °FLASK Sports Water Bottle

Sometimes simple is the best way to go! And this sports water bottle is as elegantly simple as you can get. It has a color gradient that’s pleasing to the eyes, that would remind him of you every time he takes a sip. The outer body is powder-coated which gives it a very distinct look. Plus the double-walled insulation keeps drinks cool for 24 hours and hot for 12, depending on what one carries. All this makes it one of the perfect gay gifts for a boyfriend as it’s both stunning and functional. And what more, it also symbolizes your love and affection for him, making it an extra special product to use. 

  • Made of premium, non-toxic stainless steel
  • Comes with two lids, both leak-proof
  • One lid comes with two straws, while the other has a spout
  • Can hold up to 1 gallon

I’m sure you’ve found something interesting from this list of gift ideas for gay men. You can gift these on anniversaries, birthdays, festivals, any occasion whatsoever or just because…after all, do you really need a special day to make your partner feel special? These gifts will ensure a smile on their face and add value to their lives. They will always cherish these gifts and treasure your love for them. So why wait, start clicking right now!


1. What can I buy for pride month?

There’s an array of products waiting to be purchased for pride month. Various brands bring out pride-specific products in particular months as well as all around the year. You can purchase merch, tees, books, some personal hygiene kits for self-care, and more. Frankly, the options are endless!

2. What should I get my LGBTQ friend?

Why, you can get your friend belonging to the LGBTQ community the very same things that you get your straight friends! But if you’re looking for something specific, you can always gift them books highlighting the lives and struggles of the queer communities across the world. You can give them products that cater to their tastes and hobbies and make them feel loved and important.

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