A summer beauty regimen for couples that has surprising side effects on their love life

Jeeta Mohanty

Couples who follow beauty regimes together stay together

Summer is the most romantic time of the year, with couples planning and then going on romantic getaways. In the mountains or on the beach lounging together, or a day spent in a spa with a couples’ massage, everything about summer is romance.

But a special spa day and vacation are not the only times to have beauty treatment together. You can have the special couple’s beauty regime at home too, every day. The old mantra is ‘family that eats together stays together’. The new mantra is, ‘couples who do beauty regimes together stay together’. Here are a few ideas on how to go about it.

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Skin and hair treatment for the summer

1. Summer is aggressively nearing; the sleeveless tops, minis and shorts will emerge very soon from the wardrobe. You were going on happily fully clothed with hairy legs and hairy arms; suddenly now the new issue emerges, hair removal from arms, legs and everywhere else (you know what we mean, with bikini season just around the corner).

Who has time and resistance to pain to go for waxing? The easy way out is just ‘borrow’ your husband’s razor and give a whoosh. In the bathroom, both of you shaving together while bitching about your respective bosses, that’s some camaraderie! He may want to give you a hand and then who knows where things will lead?

2. Oily skin is a big bane of summer. A great way to combat it is through a homemade remedy. Mix equal parts Fuller’s clay and sandalwood powder. Put a squeeze of lemon and rose water to make it a paste. At the end of a hectic day, you can unwind by Netflixing with your partner with the paste on both of your faces. Wait till it dries up, then wash it off. Applying an oil-free night cream on each other’s face would be the grand finale.

beauty regime

3. Dandruff is another big problem for the season. One of the most effective home remedies is fenugreek or methi seeds paste. Soak a fistful of methi in water for 3 hours and then grind it to a paste. It is better to do it on a holiday or weekend. The application of the paste on scalp needs help. Both partners can apply the paste thoroughly on each other’s scalps. You need to wait about an hour. Since you can’t do anything with a head full of methi for an hour, you can use the time to do something silly like a jigsaw puzzle together or chatting. After an hour, washing each other’s scalp with a mild shampoo over the sink would be great for your hair and even greater for your relationship.

4. Summer makes your hair lifeless and your hands and feet dry and dirty. A hair spa every month and mani-pedi twice a month are advisable. Instead of usual restaurant trips on date nights, a trip together to the salon for hair spa or mani-pedi would be something different. Sitting side by side with your partner on salon chairs, relaxing with a comfortable silence, the world will seem a little better.

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Spend time at the spa  and keep hydrated

5. You can take it a notch higher by spending a whole day at the spa. Most of the spas provide healthy food and drinks along with an array of massages. Detoxing from inside out is essential in summer.

6. Apart from special treatments on special days, following a daily beauty routine in summer essential. Partners should remind each other to apply sunblock and wear sunglasses before going out every time.

7. Hydration is essential for the skin and overall health in summer. So couples can make some fruity drinks or mint and orange infused water together to carry around. A hot day can end beautifully with sipping a cool glass of Sangria.

8. If you are gymming together to make your body bikini-ready, then the sunblock and regular hydration can’t be forgotten under any circumstances.

Thus you can keep your beauty intact while enlivening up the love life in summer. Happy Summer!

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